Take our Taskmaster challenge at MCM Comic-Con and win tat!

Alex Horne, creator of Taskmaster has set you a fun task to do at MCM Comic-Con this weekend.

On Taskmaster (the most joyfully entertaining series on television), Alex Horne and Greg Davies make funny people do ludicrous things.

We love the show so much we asked creator of the Dave TV show, Alex Horne, to set a task for you the readers to do at MCM Comic-Con, which runs from Friday 24 May to Sunday 26 May.

Den Of Geek will be at the con handing out our beautifully crafted exclusive magazines for free (check out the cover below) in which you can read about seven of his most memorable tasks.

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If you’re attending, please come and say hi and grab a copy of the mag!

The task was specifically set for London Comic-Con but if you can’t make the con and fancy having a go from wherever you are this weekend, tweet photos of your entries @denofgeek with the relevant hashtags and we’ll see if we can dig some more tat out of our TARDIS-like cupboard.

Without further ado then:

The Taskmaster has set you a task

MCM Comic-Con attendees, your task is to either:

Take a photo of the biggest queue of people lined up in order of height. You may not use Photoshop or anything like that. Most people in one photo currently lined up from shortest to tallest wins.  

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Put the most socks on the most bottles. The photo of the most socks on the most bottles wins. 

Tweet your entries to @denofgeek including #TaskGeek #MCMComicCon – the ones we like best win the weirdest things we can find from the Den Of Geek cupboard.

You have until the end of Comic-Con. Your time starts now.

Taskmaster series 8 airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Dave.