Supernatural: The Purge, Review

Sam and Dean serve up a Supernatural fish taco.

The creative team of Supernatural digs deep into the monster files to come up with the pishtaco, the Peruvian fat sucker. And yes, Dean, I also heard that as “fish taco.”

Again, when we begin the episode (after the teaser with the unfortunate 300-pound man getting an impromptu monster-based liposuction), Dean gets some fancy camera work staged around him. This seems to be a theme in recent episodes. Intentional, or does it just look cool? And I want to mention how happy I am that Dean says “So we’ve got a Thinner situation?” Mostly because I made that reference at the end of my review last week.

We have a red herring very early on, when the Winchesters accuse the wife of an eating contest runner up of hexing Victim #1. Never trust a woman in a pink wedding dress. I guess. Turns out she’s not it, which is unsurprising because we were only like ten minutes in.

Sam and Dean eventually connect the fat-sucking murders to a spa and go undercover. Sam ends up a yoga instructor and Dean a kitchen worker. This is almost a direct opposite of their roles in the episode “After School Special,” when Dean plays a high school gym teacher and Sam a janitor.

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The funniest moment of the episode is ironically when Dean is in trouble. They drugged the pudding! Dean sounds like he’s drunk-dialing Sam when he calls for help.  It’s another one of those roll-your-eyes-at-Dean moments where he eats something he shouldn’t and suffers the consequences. Anyone hungry for turducken?

Our villain, the pishtaco who runs the spa turns out to just be skimming the fat off her clients. Her brother is the bad one. I didn’t expect a “good monster” story so soon after the werewolf episode. I think these episodes should have been spaced out differently. It’s a bit of a buzzkill to have the same ending two episodes in a row.

The only way I can figure why this episode was aired now is because there are a couple mentions at the beginning and end of the episode of Sam’s ultimatum to Dean about them not being brothers anymore. We never expected Dean to go along with it, and he even makes the remark that he doesn’t break that easy. That familiar fight changes when Sam calls Dean out for being selfish and lonely. He claims Dean only keeps saving him because Dean doesn’t want to be alone.

All around, not a terrible episode, but there wasn’t really anything new here. Themes and even characters seemed recycled from the past.

We have to wait until February 25th for the next new episode featuring…Snooki? Must…resist…comments.

Den of Geek Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars

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3 out of 5