Supernatural: Sharp Teeth, Review

Supernatural gets something caught between its teeth

The latest episode of Supernatural promised some tension when the Winchesters learn Garth is a werewolf. The preview last week gave it away early, which lead to no surprise in the actual episode. What it became was a below average episode that had more of the same themes present in early seasons of the show.

What’s disappointing about American TV shows (and I only phrase it as such because I’ve seen a few BBC series now) is that there’s so often a lame filler episode after something really pivotal happens. There’s 22 episodes to fill in the typical season, which means something amazing doesn’t happen in every episode. That problem becomes more advanced as a TV series gets on in age. They’ve done it all at this point, what next?

Okay, so the episode wasn’t terrible. But because of quality of the episodes before it, this filler episode became all the more disappointing. There were some baffling choices here, like why Sam suddenly shows up at Dean’s hunt when there’s no way he could have known about it. And what’s Cas up to at this moment? The more interesting story arcs of the hunt for Gadreel and the repercussions of Caine’s mark are put on hold so we can get…this. Also, since when can Supernatural werewolves transform at will? Did I miss a memo?

This episode was basically Season 2’s “Bloodlust,” the episode where the brothers find a family of vampires that only kill animals for sustenance. They bicker over whether or not vampires can resist their urges, etc., etc. Sounds like last night’s episode. In “Sharp Teeth,” Dean is right to be wary of this werewolf clan, because as it turns out, half of them actually are bad.

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I do like villains who are hard to pinpoint. Monsters are supposed to be bad, so finding some “good” ones again is cool in my book, but since very little was new to this storyline, it felt like a waste. Plus we could have had an excellent reveal for Garth’s wolfiness, but he just outright tells the Winchesters.

The episode may have simply been set-up for Garth, Our Friendly Neighborhood Lycan, to go on hunts with Sam and Dean in the future. That is a scenario I’ll be interested in. However, if this was a way of writing off Garth’s character, I won’t be very pleased.

At the very end, Sam gives Dean an ultimatum. Either they can work together again, or they can be brothers. This seems to translate into they’ll hunt together, and forego all brotherly attachment which sometimes proved dangerous for them in the past, or they keep the familial relations while working separately and very far away from each other.

Do you really think Sam and Dean won’t act like brothers anymore? Yeah, neither did I. But they’ll probably be crabby with each other for a couple episodes.

Next week we’ll see Sam and Dean in a potentially funny episode that looks like Stephen King’s Thinner.

Den of Geek Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars

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3 out of 5