Supernatural season 6 episode 16 review: And Then There Were None

There's unfinished business being addressed in the latest episode of Supernatural. Here's Matthew's review...

This review contains spoilers.

6.16 And Then There Were None

Sam, Dean and Bobby are investigating a case where a seemingly normal truck driver turned into a murderer. Their investigations lead them to a factory where they meet fellow hunter, Rufus.

When the group break into the factory that night, they run into some more familiar faces. Gwen Campbell and Sam and Dean’s grandfather, Samuel, whom Dean had promised to kill next time he saw him.

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Then There Were None is another great episode that firmly puts the season on course for the finale, but at the same time deals with some unfinished business.

At the start of the episode, we get more from Mother of All. She uses the name ‘Eve’, but suggests that she is the Mother to the Father that is God, a very interesting concept.

If you look at it that male and female are opposite, as are good and evil, Heaven and Hell, it could also suggest that she is the opposite to God, which could also tie in with the civil war in Heaven and Purgatory not simply being a place between Heaven and Hell, but somewhere that has been set apart from both to protect both.

I also liked the idea that the Mother of All led the hunters into a trap. It is unclear if that trap was meant specifically for Sam and Dean, or just hunters in general, but it would work either way as an effective method of demoralising the opposition.

The paranoia concept is something that has been done before in many films and pretty much every sci-fi/fantasy series at some point. But the episode doesn’t dwell on it, and despite a scene very reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing , I didn’t feel at any time the episode was retreading a well worn path.

With what the audience saw with the trucker at the beginning of the episode, it was no real surprise that Dean shot Gwen. I was expecting it, as Dean had been alone in this episode and the Campbell Cousins did seem very disposable characters.

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I was really surprised when Sam shot Samuel. I, like most viewers, I imagine, had been expecting a reckoning between Dean and Samuel and I had actually expected it to be resolved without the death of either. I hadn’t actually considered it would be Sam killing him. Which also brings up an interesting point. All the people that we know Sam worked with when he was soulless are now dead. Nobody can remind him of where he went and what he did. Nobody that we know of, anyway.

I’m going to miss Rufus. Steven Williams was great in the role and the way Rufus and Bobby worked together was some of the best humour that we’ve seen in the series. And again, I was surprised. Which is also a compliment to the series that even after six years it can still surprise its audience.

This episode feels like the end of the season is fast approaching and all bets are off. To lose one recurring character is one thing, but to lose three was quite shocking. (Fair enough, Gwen wasn’t much of a character.)

When season five was ending and season six was just confirmed, there was a lot of speculation as to whether or not Supernatural needed a sixth season. If, at the end of season five, I had been asked if I wanted a sixth season, I think I probably would have said no. Season five was a great season and would have been a fitting end to the show.

Now, we are heading to the end of season six and I am glad Supernatural got another season. It hasn’t all been perfect, but overall, I’ve really enjoyed it. Now the question I am considering is do I want a seventh season? Yes. Yes, I do.

But, and there’s always a but, as far as I am aware, the seventh season is still yet to be confirmed, and although it looks likely, until it is confirmed there’s still the possibility that this is the last season. This means that these could be the very last episodes of the show.

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Better make the most of them.

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