Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7 Review: Unhuman Nature

Faced with Jack’s impending mortality, Dean takes the kid for a bucket list trip while Cas seeks help..

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural Season 14 Episode 7

Jack is officially terminally ill, and as Cas and Sam struggle to find answers, Dean brings the kid on a short road trip to check out some of the life he’s been missing. It’s a mix of tones in this episode, from outright humor to mellow sadness. It’s also an episode that brings Jack’s health one step forward and two steps back.

When Cas’s healing touch doesn’t work, the Winchesters decide to bring Jack to a normal, everyday hospital. Checking Jack into the hospital led to some humorous moments when reception asked basic questions. Date of birth? Um, two years ago? Father? Devil, deceased, exploded. Of course the hospital didn’t work out, so the boys brought Jack home. But that momentary foray into the normal world put a real drastic mirror up to the strange lives they lead. It was a stark contrast to see the crowded normal hospital as opposed to your usual witch/faith healer/shaman scene.

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Nick has proved to be a dark and twisted soul of his own. This exploration into “life after Devil possession” has led down very interesting and dark places. It seems the search for his wife’s killer has turned Nick into a petty serial killer, getting his kicks from each new victim. He says he’s only going to do it until he finds answers, but I think we all knew as soon as he claimed his neighbor’s life, this was a slippery slope leading directly back into Hell.

In complete antithesis to Nick is Jack, who has done what he can up to this point to negate his father’s legacy. It makes his situation all the more dire for Sam and Dean, who’ve taken him in as one of their own. Dean especially is hit hard by Jack’s illness. There are at least two moments in which we see Dean getting bad news on Jack’s situation, and the shots that represent his POV are dizzying and blurry. It’s a very relatable visual to someone receiving life changing news.

Driving lessons with Jack was sweet and touching, especially giving how possessive Dean is of his classic car. The scene was brief but allowed for an overjoyed Jack and tons of loving drone shots of that Impala. The driving scene also reinforces the family ties that the Winchesters have with Jack. He’s one of them, a little brother. 

Nick’s deadly quest does turn up new information in his case. Finally, he gets an answer: A cop, possessed by a demon, killed Nick’s family. That’s likely why the case could never be solved. And Nick, having been controlled by Lucifer himself to do unspeakable evil, naturally understood things from the cop’s perspective. He sympathized by taking a hammer to the man’s head.

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A visit to a shaman, canned archangel grace and magic words from Rowena at first seem to help restore Jack, but it turns out to be a fleeting success. Jack collapses again, sicker than before. Now how will they help Jack?

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Nick finally listens to advice, taking to his knees in prayer. And when we hear the words, “Truth is, I like doing these things and I don’t want to stop. I don’t know who I am if I’m not you,” we see a black skeletal shape reawaken. Lucifer is back, baby. And yes, this is the kind of show that can habitually kill and respawn the Devil. 


5 out of 5