Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3 Review: Patience

This week we got a legacy heavy episode of Supernatural.

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3

When the boys get reuniting phone call with the psychic Missouri, Dean is launched into a killing spree involved people with psychic gifts. Meanwhile, Sam stays at home to watch the kid.

This episode was all about legacy. You see it in the A story, in which Missouri’s family finds out her psychic power was passed on to her grandchild. You see it in the B story, where Jack is afraid to unleash his power because he worries it will make him more like Lucifer. And, at the very end, you see it with the Winchesters themselves, when Sam and Dean rekindle their argument about Jack’s evil future, and the reasons Sam is not so convinced of the ultimate ending.

We see these kinds of storylines because there is so much weight behind what your family means to your own future. It’s the nature vs nurture argument in action (something we’ll continue to see a lot of with Jack). How much does your family’s influence or genes determine your upbringing? It’s a question that haunts each of the characters in this episode.

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It brings us to Patience, but at a great cost. Patience is the grand daughter of Missouri, the psychic who first appeared in the episode “Home” in season one. I guess it’s fitting after a 12-year reunion for Missouri to be bumped off, but she did it with such grace and class that I must cheer a little, if not sadly. Missouri, esteemed future-teller that she is, saw her demise coming, and chose to send Dean and Sheriff Jody Mills to save her granddaughter and son. Missouri faced her killer, the wraith, and explained that she wouldn’t be running or screaming because she knew exactly what would happen. She faced her death with dignity and the knowledge that she gave her family a chance, and that was beautiful.

The introduction of Patience to Jody makes this clearly the backdoor pilot for Wayward Sisters. When you look at the projected cast for the spinoff series, you’ll see Clark Backo is attached to the series as Patience Turner. Thankfully, these characters are way more interesting and loved by fans than the ill fated Bloodlines could ever hope for.

Jody also shines in the episode. I mean, when does she not? She steals every scene she’s a part of as far as I’m concerned. She especially shows a teachable moment when Dean has “the talk” with Patience about not getting into the life and trying to be normal, and Jody has her two cents saying that it is the girl’s option what to do with her life. Jody knows from experience that she couldn’t try to keep her adopted daughter Claire normal by forcing it on her, and that might be the path for Patience too. Jody has grown as a character, to over protective of her charges to supportive in their choices. 

It’ salso worthy to note how Sam guided Jack in trying to learn how to use his powers. Sam is still in the camp that Jack can make the choice to be good, and he does so because he himself had struggled with an evil side that tainted him since birth. It all comes to a head in an argument between Sam and Dean, the same old story of how they see Jack turning out. Finally Sam points out that their father had asked Dean to kill his brother if he ever went bad. Since Dean was able to save Sam then, shouldn’t they do the same for Jack? Dean still doesn’t see it, and accuses Sam of using Jack for his own means. 

Of course, as all growing kids do, he heard his elders arguing about him. It prompts an emotional response that tapped into his powers and called someone –at least in part – back from the dead.

It’s Cass, you guys. You knew it would take at least three episodes for him to come back, right? That way it really seemed like he was gone for good! Nice patience on your part, Supernatural writers. Now let’s get some Cass action up in here. 

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5 out of 5