Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15 Review: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

This week's Supernatural let more than just a hell hound on the loose. It almost Made Hell Great Again.

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 15

The episode started off like it belonged to another show – just a happy couple camping. Romantic soundtrack music plays in the background as a guy who looks like he belongs on Riverdale stresses over whether to propose to his girlfriend before she moves away. Nice fake-out, Supernatural crew. This could have been a scene pulled from the teen drama days of ye olde WB…until the hell hound shows up.

Our antagonist this episode is a hell hound named Ramsey. She has only ever listened to Lucifer, so even Crowley can’t get a handle on her.

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I enjoyed the fact that we got to see Crowley team up with the Winchesters for a common goal, no back stabbing or ulterior motive involved. Plus he was seriously bored conducting business in Hell. You would be too if you had 400 demon deals and 600 other items to approve.

Crowley steals a lot of the scenes in which he appears this episode. I love his interactions with Moose and Not Moose. I love that Girl-of-the-Week Gwen thinks he’s a nice guy.

Sam and Dean also had some fun moments. The opening scene was priceless. The boys had just returned from a marathon hunt, with bits of ghoul, wraith and siren stuck on Dean. Then he has the gal to use Sam’s secret fancy shampoo. Oh, and that scene when we think Dean is telling Sam to watch over Gwen and he’s actually talking about Baby? Perfection.

Of course, it can’t all be fun and games, and I’m glad we didn’t have to wait long for a resolution to Sam working with the British Men of Letters. Better yet, Dean has a very logical, grown-up response to it and doesn’t fly off the handle at the news like you might expect. His character really has matured over the years. Well, when he’s not alternating his boxers in order to avoid doing laundry. Baby steps, Dean.

I am so happy that Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer is back on the show, and his escape was beautifully done, including when he vaporizes those sycophantic demons. When he emerges, archangel wings spread and vengeance in his eyes, you think it’s all over for our favorite King of Hell. But Crowley is ten steps ahead. His devious plan behind making Lucifer’s vessel his true prison was inspired. This was a fantastic twist that I really appreciated.

Castiel’s scenes gave us a glimpse at Kelly (Lucifer’s Baby Mamma) and Dagon, as well as a delightful one-off paranoid man convinced there’s lizard people and aliens to worry about. Wrong show, dude, but I like your spunk.

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For not advancing the main storyline, this was a solid episode worthy of note for its treatment of our favorite characters.


5 out of 5