Supernatural: Rock and a Hard Place, Review

This week’s episode saw the return of Sheriff Jody Mills, a little more of the angel Ezekiel, and Sam and Dean re-virginized… sorta.

Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders of a Christian group who’ve taken vows of chastity. Being that virgins are the target, the boys naturally think it’s a dragon to blame, a critter they’ve dealt with once before. Jody Mills has a great stupefied look as she says “Dragons are a thing?” and Sam replies that a surprising number of “things” are real. Since their last meeting, Sam and Dean have encountered angels, demi-gods, and mythological creatures. It’s a funny line said in passing that indicates just how far Sam and Dean have come in a few years.

Sam and Dean infiltrate the Christian abstinence group under the guise of becoming born-again virgins. Of course, during the meeting, all eyes fall on Dean as he describes in excruciating detail how wonderful sex is…succeeding in making his presence in the group both awkward and a major temptation for the ladies there who appear noticeably “bothered” by Dean’s erotic descriptions. It was a little headstrong, even for Supernatural. Sex, except for the rare exception, usually happens behind closed doors and as a funny nod to Dean’s promiscuity.

Now the twist: the “virgins” being taken are those who broke their vows. After a little sleuthing, Jody and Sam learn that the culprit is a Roman goddess.

Of course, Dean goes home with the lovely group leader Suzy, finds out she used to be a porn star (one he is a fan of) and confesses she didn’t like the life. But, ladies, Dean is in the room, so all feelings of remorse are quickly thrown out the window for some spur of the moment passion. Dean foolishly ignores all of Sam’s calls because he’s not thinking with his upstairs brain (hasn’t he learned that never goes well?) and he and Suzy break their vows, which makes them the next targets.

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The victims are slowly starved to death in a cellar. Driven by desperation and thirst, one girl scrapes her fingernails against the brick walls, vainly trying for escape. Her nails break and splinter, and she deliriously licks the blood coming from her fingertips. It was a gory moment that lent some extra terror to the cellar.

Near the end of the episode, we have the inevitable moment when Sam squares up against the goddess Vesta. When she tries to enact her revenge, she recoils in disgust, claiming he’s barely held together and can’t possibly be alive. This is another not-so-subtle moment in which Sam is told there’s something very wrong with him, and when he confronts Dean about it later his brother is actually about to tell the truth. Ezekiel intervenes. It’s frustrating–finally Dean was going to give the information about the angel’s existence at the right time, but since Ezekiel has stopped that, we know Sam will only find out when there will be even more dire consequences. Sure, it’s dramatic and entertaining when it happens, but aggravating all the same!

Den of Geek Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars


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4 out of 5