Supernatural: The Internet’s Best Reactions to the Series Finale

Twitter has some feelings about the Supernatural series finale.

Dean Fights a Masked Vampire in the Supernatural Series Finale
Photo: The CW

This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the Supernatural series finale.

Welp, there you have it. After 15 seasons of road trips and high-stakes battles, Supernatural has come to an end—and people have feelings (as they should). Interestingly, the penultimate episode of Supernatural wrapped up the major story arc of the season, leaving the final episode to get a bit more, um, creative with its ending. What did that look like? Pie festivals and vampires, of course.

“Carry On” sees Sam and Dean settling back into “normal” life following their definitive battle with God. The stakes are a lot lower, but that doesn’t mean they are non-existent. When the monster-hunting brothers get pulled into a case of a band of masked vampire kidnappers (first investigated by Daddy Winchester many years ago), Dean ends up getting impaled by a metal rod and dying. RIP. Unlike his previous deaths, this one sticks. He ends up in heaven, which admittedly seems like a pretty rad place, and Sam lives out his life with a wife and family before eventually joining Dean in the sweet, sweet afterlife.

For some, this was read as a happy ending for the characters, who are all eventually reunited in heaven with everyone they love. For many others, this was an ending that deprioritized storytelling elements that drew so many people to the show and fandom: notably, the theme of “found family” and the “Destiel” relationship. And, yeah, people aren’t happy. Here are some choice reactions from Twitter…

Others, straight-up rejected the last 10 seasons of Supernatural in favor of choosing to believe that the series ended after the first five-season story arc.

To be fair, not everyone hated it:

Generally, though, fans were not pleased with Dean’s death by metal rod, especially in conjunction with the lack of Castiel and Destiel in this final episode.

There were more than a few tweets about the general lack of Castiel in this episode. (Misha Collins was not in this episode, which was potentially linked to the COVID precautions put in place for the filming of the final episodes.)

Many fans are still understandably celebrating and/or processing the fact that Destiel apparently became canon a few episodes ago.

And of course this reaction post would not be complete without a nod to the most notable guest star in the Supernatural series finale: Old Sam’s wig.

More generally, it was a night of celebration and goodbyes not simply for the show but for the people who make it. The CW aired a one-hour special prior to the series finale that gave cast and crew a chance to say “thank you” and “goodbye” and, of course, that process spilled over to Twitter.

And, as Twitter reminded us, this show might be over, but this fandom is forever…