Supernatural: Inside That Western Episode

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talk about "Tombstone" and how newcomer Alexander Calvert reminds them of Misha Collins.

This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Supernatural. Don’t read if you haven’t seen Season 13 Episode 6, “Tombstone!”

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki spoke to reporters during a set visit about a myriad of topics, including the latest episode, “Tombstone.” Jensen was certainly a fan of the episode, since he’s as big into cowboys and Westerns as his character Dean Winchester.

“I don’t think it’s any shock that I’ve always been kind of a fan of the iconic symbol of a cowboy and everything that comes along with that. A fan of western movies and everything,” Jensen said. “So when I read that Dean gets all excited about it and decides to play the part up, so to speak, I of course got excited as well. I think there’s a nice slow-mo montage of some snakeskin boots and a hat and the whole bit. But yeah, instead of playing FBI agents we get to play Texas Rangers, which is kind of fun.”

Jared pointed out that it was fun to see Dean “geek out” and also “As Sam,” he said, “It’s fun to see Dean as childish.”

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“I like those episodes,” Jensen said. “Kind of lighten it up a bit and allow that humor to kind of come show its face a little bit more.”

Jared and Jensen also had some thoughts on the uncanny real-life similarities between newbie Alexander Calvert and Misha Collins who play Jack and Castiel.

“When Alex first came on, I was like ‘he actually reminds me a lot of a young Misha’,” Jared said. “Just his personality type. He’s also playing a character – so he’s taking it very seriously and working very hard and he’s making some decisions and he’s a very intelligent young man, he’s very talented.”

At that point in the interview, Jensen dubbed Alex Misha 2.0, to which Jared agreed.

“So to see them together… It’s great, I like the way they play off each other,” Jared said. “I’ve always said, obviously the show kind of hinges on the relationship between Sam and Dean, but I feel like the world is enriched by seeing the way they interact with other people and seeing the way Cass interacts with other people and with Jack as well.”

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Having a new series regular in the form of Alexander Calvert also adds a new player for the notoriously pranking Jensen and Jared. Misha was often their “target.” They’ve put stinky fish in Misha’s car or filling his car with $600 worth of coins, or signing into his Twitter and tweeting “I hate fans!”

Jared said, “To speak on Misha’s behalf, I think he was more thrilled than he’s ever been because a lot of the brutality that usually gets aimed…[at him] was now kind of split up between Alex and Misha so he finally had somebody that he was trying to pull pranks on as well.”

“I believe it’s misery loves company,” Jensen joked.

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