Supernatural: I’m No Angel Review

You have to be dead or dying to see reapers, but you should still brush your teeth.

“I’m No Angel” takes a look into the repercussions of Castiel’s humanity, and Ezekiel pokes his head out a few times to lend a helping hand. It was also a torture/maiming-heavy episode—y’know, to balance out all those warm and fuzzy feelings and remind you what show you’re watching.

Castiel has had a rough time adjusting to the loss of his grace. He now has to eat, sleep, and urinate just like us mortals. It’s funny watching him discover how falling asleep “is a process” and incorrectly using toothpaste. You don’t eat it, Cass. What is great about Castiel being brought so low by his circumstance is how he not only sees how fragile humanity is, but experiences some great kindness. There’s the homeless folks who share their food, a woman who urges Castiel to have faith (see: irony), and sweet April, with her PB&J sandwich and her inviting this poor soul into her home. More on why you shouldn’t take PB&J from strangers later, kids.

The story was split between Castiel and the Winchesters, and occasionally our villains. Bartholomew and his angels use a new tactic; enlisting a reaper to track down Cass. He eventually fails, but the writers dangled that reaper carrot long enough and took it away at the right time to make us forget about them until April reveals her true colors.

Weren’t reapers invisible before? In every other episode featuring a reaper, you either had to be dead or dying to see a reaper. My only explanation for the two corporeal reapers in this episode is their use of human vessels. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe reapers like Tessa used vessels before. Perhaps if they possess humans they become tangible and visible.

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Castiel’s lovely experience with April, including his first lovemaking session, ends badly when she turns out to be a reaper hired to hunt him down. She plays on his emotions and his innocence. That’s gonna become a bit of a theme later when Zeke orders Dean to kick Cass out of their hunter Fortress of Solitude. That hurt look on his face at the very end…

How long will Ezekiel remain hidden in Sam? Were the trials Sam suffered through that damaging that they wounded more than his physical body, like his spirit? Looking at Sam, we’d guess he’s fine. He says he’s fine. He acts fine. But Ezekiel remains, we’d guess for at least long enough to make a dramatic effect in the season long story arc.

Why can’t Castiel know about Zeke? Why does Cass get the untimely boot from hunter HQ at the end of the episode? Zeke and Cass supposedly know and trust each other, so this level of secrecy indicates nothing is as peachy as it seems. Zeke must be hiding more from Cass than we know at this point. Hopefully more details will surface in the coming episodes.

Now Dean is going to get everyone in serious hot water because of the lies he’s telling to hide Zeke. This is going to come to an end eventually. Sam will find out about Zeke, and when he does, I bet we’ll have a situation very similar to when Death’s protective wall broke in Sam’s head.


Episode 4 is a Wizard of Oz homage! Looks…different, and could possibly be one of Supernatural’s trademark hilarious episodes. Plus it’s got Internet Goddess Felicia Day.

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Den of Geek Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Stars


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3.5 out of 5