Supernatural: Hibbing 911, Review

Sam and Dean take a back seat to a pair of sheriffs on this week's Supernatural, but drive through the craziness. Here is our review.

Supernatural brought back another fan-favorite recurring character, the tough-as-nails Sheriff Jody Mills. She faced her greatest challenge yet—being partnered to a bubbly Sheriff Donna (another returning character) at a Sheriff’s Retreat. Sam and Dean took a backseat to the Jody and Donna show, and the episode didn’t suffer because of it.

We are quickly introduced to Donna’s ex-husband, who constantly fat shames and humiliates her. It was an unnecessary subplot, if it can even be called that, but it gave layers to Donna’s character. Her interaction with her ex-husband Sheriff Douchebag and how she dealt with the woman at the coroner’s office showed she was more than the happy go lucky lady cop. She had dark layers to her persona; a past that hurt, and a delightfully manipulative side that gets her where she needs to be.

There’s the uneasy partnership between the bright and unassuming Donna and our tough gal Jody. They are two completely different people, and Jody’s discomfort around Donna is very amusing. Later, when Donna learns the truth about “what’s out there”, their partnership becomes real and they work well together.

There’s an easy familiarity between Jody and the Winchester boys. Jody is no longer fazed by the craziness she’s seen. Jody owned this episode, and the Winchesters naturally became the supporting characters to her case. Although it wasn’t plot related, I enjoyed the call back to the episode Alex Annie Alexis Ann with Jody’s adopted teenager. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, keep that Jody Mill’s story coming. I’d be interested to see her adopted daughter adjusting to a normal life, possibly while battling some supernatural influence. Because this is Supernatural, and whenever you experience the unknown, you become a recurring character and experience it a few more times.

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We see the rare “good monster” in this episode. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a vampire with a conscience, and it was sad to see this Sheriff go. I was already writing the fanfiction in my head in which the Winchesters, the lady cops, and Sheriff Vamp go a’huntin’ together. Why must all the good ones die? Other than our good guy vamp, the only thing different about the vamps this week was their hippie “use every part of the animal” mentality. I mean…at least they’re not wasteful.

We are finally getting a followup to the Mark of Cain storyline next week. Probably this mid-season finale will end on a gigantic cliffhanger, a lot of gore, and a self-satisfied Crowley. Just working on what I see in the promo.

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4 out of 5