Supernatural: All in the Family Review

God, Lucifer, Amara...and Donatello? No, not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural: Season 11, Episode 21

God, Lucifer and Amara, oh my! This episode took off right where the last left off, with Dean and Sam staring in shock at the former Prophet Chuck. His credibility was accounted for by bringing Kevin forward, and sending him on his way to Heaven. Be still, my heart.

We were also introduced to Donatello, the new prophet. And yes, I’m embarrassed to say that my first thought was the Ninja Turtle and not the Renaissance painter. I’m right there with you, Dean. Once an atheist, now Donatello has met Chuck, Lucifer and Amara…all in the same day! That’s overwhelming for a hunter, let alone this professor.

This classic “the truth is out there” speech takes an extra humorous approach as Sam and Dean drive Donatello in the Impala back to Hunter HQ. The explanation escalates quickly, as the Winchesters explain the situation involving God, God’s sister and The Darkness. Dean makes a flippant remark on how they have to keep the back of the Impala locked because “Sometimes we keep monsters back there.” It just brings the delightful absurdity full circle. And I had just been thinking during this episode that just about every entity has found its way into the back seat of that Impala. Except for God I suppose. Wait, did he ride with the boys when he was just Chuck? Must re-watch those old episodes…

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There were a couple very cool moments with Amara. Just when I was getting tired of her posturing, she comes up with something new. She pulls a great trick with appearing before Dean for their little chats. Her appearances — first in Hunter HQ, then in a police station — added a new threatening layer to her power. She can contact Dean wherever, whenever, so he can never rest easy.

Dean and Amara’s chat in the woods had all the feelings of a toxic relationship. Ever since their initial meeting, there has been an addictive relationship theme to their connection. Dean’s uncanny attraction to Amara has always felt a little uncomfortable. Perhaps the Darkness does hold the allure of putting past problems behind and essentially starting over, but Dean’s definitely not going to be swayed by her now. Not after he was all freaked over her wanted him as “part of her.” Gives me the willies just thinking it.

An exciting, anxious moment as Sam, Lucifer and Donatello try to escape from Amara in the Impala, only to have her appear before them and stop them with a clenched fist. The car tires spin futilely, sending up clouds of smoke that almost seem to represent Amara’s poison fogs. Her look of fury and her ease in which she stopped them mark her as an insurmountable foe.

How awesome is it when the Impala suddenly falls into the basement of Hunter HQ, and Chuck shrugs it off by saying that sometimes, he does listen to prayer?

The season finale is up next. Heaven and Hell are teaming up to fight The Darkness. Are you ready?

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5 out of 5