Supernatural: About a Boy Review

In the latest Supernatural, Dean must once more face the evilest force in the universe...puberty. Here's our review!

Although our new episode of Supernatural had a vile ancient witch, hex bags, and cannibalism, it was actually a light humored episode. We got to see Dean de-age to a pre-teen that retains his typical attitude and potty mouth, but now has an appreciation for modern pop music.

Although the episode started pretty dark in tone, it lightened up with some comedy soon afterwards. We were treated to slow, dissolving shots of Dean’s research into symbology, the Mark of Cain, and um…tattoo removal. Because if the occult can’t help you, maybe you should try the mundane method? Dean is shaken out of his research by Sam to go on a case, and we’re treated to a witness who is sure that aliens were responsible due to the scent of “flowery flowers.”

A small mention is needed regarding the sound effects used for the magic. When Hansel changed adults into children, the resulting sound was reminiscent of a video game power-up. Something about the pitch wobble was very amusing.

The witch of Hansel and Gretel fame is the culprit, and her character is equal parts goofy and sinister. She kind of reminds me of characters from another episode, “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” a la season three, in which the boys are tortured in the very modern kitchen of two Pagan Gods. The witch had the same glee with her work, but on the evil scale, she was not as high as some of the other creatures the boys have faced. At least she was thoughtful enough to use adults instead of kids…because Amber Alerts made things complicated for her.

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There were plenty of funny moments that made this an enjoyable episode to watch. Sam had a good time poking fun at Dean, saying he could expect to drink again in seven years. Dean was highly inconvenienced by going through puberty once more too. The alien guy in the beginning was a nice indicator that we’d get some good one-liners out of our boys.

The only connection we have to the overall season arc is Dean’s temporary freedom from the Mark of Cain (when he’s Teeny Deany), and the witch saying she was only in the country to help her good buddy Rowena. Basically a filler episode, but a fun one at that.



4 out of 5