Supernatural 3:1 review

If you can go to Lincoln, Nebraska, why bother going to Chicago? Or, what I learned about life from demons... Kathryn takes on the new series of Supernatural

Oh Dean and Sam, my beautiful clueless boys… You’ve managed to get yourself in a situation eerily like “The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo” except creepier, sexier, and without a sidekick dog with Prader-Willi syndrome. Simple enough: they opened the gates to hell, traded Dean’s soul for Sam’s pouting, though, on the plus side, Dean is now getting his well-deserved twin sex.

We start in Oak Park, a stone’s throw from my my beloved Chicago, although not close enough to see the skyline – that must be a side effect of being demon infested. Another must be preferring the outskirts of college town Lincoln to the more prey-filled Chicago. There are people who slothfully watch TV in Lincoln!  And women who have shoe-envy!  And can be convinced to kill for shoes without knowing if they are her size!  That’s some love for the world’s most ugly Kelly green pumps.  They don’t even look comfortable.

The baddies are, if my cunning hints aren’t clue enough, the seven sins. Which is, when you think of it, quite clever. Although one would think that a crappy suburban bar is a bit of a disappointment after the Medieval Ages.

Enter more new characters – a surprisingly posh (for hunters) and lovey-dovey black couple. He sounds like a Shakespearean actor, she’s British and we can tell that at least one of them will die. Which he does, after stupidly going into the demon bar and drinking Drano. In a twist for Supernatural, the man dies for once when there’s a woman available (although a beautifully put together piece of Americana, the treatment of minorities and women is troublesome at best). Sam, Dean, Bobby, and the car come to the rescue, exorcising Envy and then hole up, waiting for the rest.

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The battle starts looking good with Gluttony trapped and Lust making out with Dean (don’t even pretend to be surprised), but then Sam is cornered by Pride and two unnamed sins. Saved in the nick of time by a beautiful blonde, looking much like his dead girlfriend, who shows up with a magic demon killing laser knife. And she knows who Sam is. Dun dun dun….

Some festive corpse burning, a touching brotherly talk about Dean’s upcoming death and the episode is finished, without as much angst as one would expect.  Next week: evil children!