Supergirl Season 3: 11 Questions We Need Answered

The season 2 finale left us with lots of questions for the summer hiatus. Let's discuss what's in store for Supergirl Season 3!

Supergirl Season 2 has, sadly, come to an end, which means we’ll have to wait an entire summer to get more Kara Danver back in our life. (Which is especially sad because, let’s face it, we need her optimism now more than ever.)

If you’re wondering what we thought of the season finale, check out our full review. If you’re looking for an explanation of that ending, check out Mike’s article, complete with nerdy DC theories. If you’re here to commiserate about all of the questions you need answered immediately, read on, friend. You’ve come to the right place…

Who was the other baby ditching an exploding Krypton?

Babies knew what was up when it came to Krypton, circa 35 years ago. In other words: they didn’t waste any time fleeing the planet. 

The end of the Season 2 finale flashed back to that fateful day to show us that the House of El was not the only Kryptonian family launching their youngest into the cold, harsh, unforgiving vaccuum of space. Nope, there were two cloaked figures with a thing for blood who also sent their baby Earth-wards with a command “to reign.” Yikes.

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Who was the baby ruler? Has he been in the Phantom Zone this whole time or has he been on Earth? Is there a chance he might meet up with a wayward Mon-El who is also currently unaccounted for in the vaccum of space (seriously, did Kara plot a course with that pod or?). Whatever the answer, it seems we might have a new Big Bad for Season 3. 

Or maybe I should have learned something from Season 2 and should know not to judge an alien refugee by the circumstance of their exploding planet exodus or anything else.

Where is Mon-El headed?

Mon-El looked suitably freaked out by that wormhole his pod flew into. Where exactly is he going? To join John Crichton on the otherside of the universe? To travel through time, Barry Allen-style (please, no!)? To head into the Phantom Zone?

Whatever the answer, something tells me that the necklace that Kara gave him (the one that used to belong to her mom) might come into play upon his eventual reappearance. Might he use it to prove to Kara & co. that he is really Mon-El?

Mon-El has to pop back up sometime, right? The follow-up question is: when he does return, who will he be? (Insert Mon-El as villain theories here.)

Should James move to a show that appreciates him?

(Arrow is always looking for vigilante-types.)

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Supergirl Season 2 was pretty stellar all around — save for its treatment of James Olsen, who went from Kara’s love interest and a major character in Season 1 to a lackluster vigilante and magazine editor who popped up occasionally to high-five Winn or bust up a 7-11 robbery in Season 2.

James Olsen deserves better, and it’s clear that Supergirl dropped the ball on giving him the time and story space he needed in Season 2. The show proved that it knows how to write James when it gives it the old college try, crafting him an excellent character arc in “City of Lost Children.”

Will Maggie say yes?

Alex popped the question to Maggie after Kara, having just lost Mon-El, encouraged her sister to “never let her go.” We didn’t get a chance to hear Maggie’s response, but it certainly looked like she was going to say yes.

On the other hand, these two haven’t been dating that long and emotions are high. Gah, I can’t take the suspense! Whatever happens, at least they’re able to both live on their home planet, right?

Should Earth be worried about that much lead in the atmosphere?


Why did Rhea have to die?

I’m still upset that we didn’t get to see Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain in a scene together. On the other hand, I haven’t completely given up hope. If any show can make a miraculous Rhea resurreciton happen, it is Supergirl.

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(Also: she had to die because she shone so brightly as Season 2’s Big Bad that to let that perfection burn out slowly by overstaying her welcome would have been the true tragedy. Actually, Supergirl has done a very good job at not letting its villains stick around for too long.)

Is Cat Grant back for good?

Probably not, given that Calista Flockhart most likely still doesn’t want to relocate to Vancouver (fair enough). That being said, it seemed like Cat was making herself at home back in her CatCo office, didn’t it? Perhaps this means Cat will be sticking around for the first few episodes of Season 3, only to vacate the premises for most of the season, and to return in a suitably epic fashion for the season-ending arc. Hey, she pulled it off this season…

When is Kara going to tell Lena that she’s Supergirl?

Because she is basically the only person who doesn’t know at this point, right?

Will Maggie get in trouble for disobeying the president’s orders?

At the end of “Resist,” Alex hesitated to blow up Rhea’s ship, givig her forces a chance to destroy the DEO’s super special cannon. Will there be repercussions for Alex basically disobeying a direct order from the president in favor of saving her sister?

Were there any long-term effects of J’onn’s coma?

That all seemed a little too easy, didn’t it? After all, J’onn was supposedly stuck in some kind of psychological torture coma. That’s not the sort of thing you normally bounce back from.

How does National City feel about aliens now?

One of the big through lines for Supergirl Season 2 was the exploration of anti-alien sentiment in National City and the world. It’s hard to believe that the Daxamite invasion won’t make life harder for alien refugees and immigrants living on Earth in Season 3, especially given the way Lillian Luthor — a vocal opponent of alien immigration — claimed full credit for the lead device that forced the Daxamites to leave.

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It will be interesting to see how Supergirl Season 3 chooses to continue to explore this very topical issue as the show moves forward. Superman and Supergirl are both characters who have always acted as immigrant figures. This feels like a part of the Supergirl story that the show will always be telling.

What questions do you have after watching the Supergirl Season 2 finale? Sound off in the comments below…