Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2: The Last Children of Krypton Review

The Fortress of Solitude, Kelex, and Mon-El... what more could we ask from an episode of Supergirl?

This Supergirl review contains spoilers.

Supergirl Season 2, Episode 2

It’s hard enough transitioning from one season to another (and all of the changes that entails) without also transitioning from one network and city to another. Given all of the behind-the-scenes changes Supergirlseason 2 has had to make with its move to Vancouver and The CW, it’s even more impressive that this show has come back even better than before. “The Last Children of Krypton” was proof that the Supergirlseason 2 premiere was no fluke. This show is as delightful as ever.

“The Last Children of Krypton” continues Supergirl and Superman’s reunion tour and, if you thought Supergirlhad gleaned all of the fun out of seeing these two iconic characters save the day together in the premiere, then you would have been wrong. We’ll let you know when this starts getting old, CW. For now, though, bring on the Super-people teamup.

Cadmus steps up their game in this second outing, alerting the people of National City (and Metropolis… and the world?) to Project Cadmus’ mission to end alien life on Earth. They begin this ambitious quest by unleashing not one, but two Metallos on Kara and Clark. At first, the Kryptonite-powered Iron Man-types cause some serious damage, knocking the cousins out and destroying a park in Metropolis. Ultimately, however, our two favorite Kryptonians manage to save the day with a little help from their friends. Winn makes a Kryptonite shield. Alex and J’onn lend a helping hand in combat. Cadmus has lost this particular battle.

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It’s a fairly straight-forward plot, but the real narrative magic happens in the character work happening alongside. First, we have the ongoing feud between Clark and J’onn, a dispute that has been raging since J’onn first refused to destroy Kryptonite. This makes Clark not trust J’onn, which seems a little harsh. We know from past Supergirlexperience that even our favorite Kryptonians can be influenced into causing mayhem. Eventually, though, J’onn gets Clark to understand his perspective. J’onn’s planet was destroyed because the powerful couldn’t be stopped. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Earth. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Kara and Alex get into a fight when Kara tells her sister she is considering moving to Metropolis to be with Clark. For Kara, this is a win-win for everyone. She gets to be with the only other person who truly understands her complicated existence, and everyone in National City doesn’t have to deal with her. Alex sees it differently, however, basically accusing Kara of abandoning her after she has devoted her life to protecting her. It’s a lot for Alex to put on Kara — after all, the older Danvers sister has made her own choices — but it’s honest in a way that feels real. And, from Alex’s perspective, it’s easy to see how it could feel like Kara choosing her “real” family versus her adopted one — even though it was Clark who “abandoned” Kara with the Danvers in the first place. #RealTalk

Though the issues that Alex brings up are obviously not solved, the sisters are stronger than one particularly raw squabble. When Alex is temporarily captured by Cadmus, Kara flies in to help her sister fight her way out and the two make up. Obviously. Sister night is way less fun without a sister. Though we don’t get much more information on Brenda Strong’s mysterious Cadmus leader, we do learn a bit more about Jeremiah Danvers predicament. Strong’s character suggests that Jeremiah is much-changed (well, duh — it’s been 10 years) and that he might have agreed to help Cadmus. Alex doesn’t believe her, but we know that Jeremiah would do anything to protect his family. Did he agree to work for Cadmus to keep them safe?

The other big character moment/transition in tonight’s episode came in the announced departure of Cat. (In real life, Calista Flockhart has committed to fewer episodes because she lives in L.A. and the show now films in Canada.) It’s a true shame to lose Cat Grant as a weekly presence in Supergirl.She is not only the consistently most hilarious character on this show, but she and Kara arguably have the most complex, moving, and intriguing relationship. This was evidenced by their emotional farewell scene, in which Kara visibly tears up, talks about how much she doesn’t like change, and tells Cat that she can’t imagine working at CatCo without her. Neither can we, Kara. Neither can we. Cat promises Supergirl that she will be back. She better be.

Cat’s leave of absence leaves a vacancy in the boss chair that will be going to James, giving him something more to do after that awkward, random, and out-of-character lets-just-be-friends talk Kara and James has in the season 2 premiere. (He doesn’t even have his former work-bestie Winn to hang out with now that Mr. Schott has taken the position of Resident Cisco at the DEO. Poor James.)

As for Kara, she dives into her new job as CatCo reporter, but it isn’t as easy as Cat’s declaration that she should just choose her job suggested. Kara’s new boss, Snapper Carr is kind of a… jerkguy. If that name didn’t automatically give his general dispostion away, he’s the type to not even give Kara a chance, judge her completely on how she looks, and continuously call her “Ponytail.” After a pep talk from Cat (please, Cat, don’t go), Kara stands up for herself, writing her first official piece for CatCo Magazine. Eat your heart out, Clark Kent. There’s a new star reporter in the family.

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The episode ended with Kara telling an unconscious Chris Wood (er, Mon-El) that she wouldn’t let him be alone, only for the mysterious Kryptonian to shoot up and clutch at her throat, Peeta-style. Rude.

Additional thoughts:

Between the Fortress of Solitude and Kelex, was there anyone who didn’t cry with nerdy, nostalgic joy watching this episode? Seriously, anyone who has yet to see Batman v. Supermanshould just mainline the first two episodes of Supergirlseason 2 instead. Trust me on this one.

Most of Winn’s comedic moments fell flat for me, but going for the Superman hug was both hilarious and endearing.

Kara calls Clark “Kal” before his National City departure. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

I know I’m being difficult here, but couldn’t Kara and Clark meet up for coffee pretty much everyday?

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4 out of 5