Supergirl: Laura Vandervoort Confirms Her Role Is Recurring

The former Kara Kent from Smallville will play the villain known as Indigo in more than one episode of Supergirl on CBS.

“I don’t know the exact dates, but she is a recurring character,” Laura Vandervoort told Den of Geek in an exclusive interview, referring to her villain character, Indigo, who will be appearing in multiple episodes of CBS’s Supergirl, starting with episode 15.

“It’s been great, we’ve already shot an episode and having a lot of fun playing a character as slimy and methodic and strange as Indigo,” admitted Vandervoort. Indigo is described in press materials as “a living, strong-willed supercomputer that was sentenced to Fort Rozz after turning against the people of Krypton. Now on Earth, Indigo will let nothing stand in her way.”

Vandervoort is known for having previously played Supergirl on the WB hit series, Smallville, which lasted for ten seasons, but she assures fans that there won’t be much confusion about appearing opposite Melissa Benoist’s version of the superhero. “I look entirely different from when I did play Supergirl because Indigo is — different looking; I don’t want to give anything away,” Vandervoort said cryptically, perhaps referring to the comic book character’s unique, turqoise-skinned appearance.

“It’s wonderful working with Melissa because she’s a fantastic actress, and we’ve been getting along really well,” said Vandervoort of her time on set. “And to play someone who is opposing Supergirl when I previously played her is kind of epic.” Supergirl viewers can expect to see this epic matchup sometime in late February.

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For the full interview with Laura Vandervoort, listen to our Sci Fi Fidelity podcast for February 2016. The discussion of her recurring role, as well as her regular role on Bitten, is at the 47:06 mark.