Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Gemcation

Problems of the heart weigh heavier in Steven Universe than any Gem war.

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 6

I sometimes get the feeling the Steven Universe crew enjoys playing with fan expectations. In one of the previews leading up to this patch of episodes it looked like Pearl was going to give some back-story to the Gem conflicts but… nope!

As its done before, Steven Universe is reminding its audience that these giant universe shattering events are not the main foucs of the story. Instead it’s more about the simple human problems, like your best friend not texting you back. 

To Steven, Connie not getting back in touch with him is the worst possible thing that could ever happen. Just watch him throughout this episode. He’s devastated. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him this broken up about anything.

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It’s amazing that Steven more or less shrugs off getting kidnapped by aliens but not getting a text back is what destroys him. (Which uh, same Steven.) Steven’s emotions are both his greatest asset and biggest weakness.

There seems to a recurring element of characters running from their problems in these episodes so far. Dewey from his responsibilities and the Gems to get Steven away from whatever they thought was bothering him.

It remains to be seen whether running away is the right thing to do in any of these cases but I wonder if this is building to something. Could episode ten end with the characters realizing they can’t run? That they have to prepare for the Gem invasion?

You know, even if we never get the Gem Revolution flashbacks I think I’ll be okay with that. It is more about these characters as they are now, right? Although I’d read a Gem Revolution novel in a minute.

So I just spent this review getting all deep but let’s talk about what REALLY matters. Ronaldo’s messages to Steven. I’ve been saying for years that Ronaldo is the best representation of nerds on TV and he never fails to disappoint. I mean come on, don’t act like you’ve never spoiled a series when you’re trying to get a friend into it. 

Is anyone tracking how much money Greg has spent over the course of the series? We know he made ten million dollars all the way back in Drop Beat Dad so he’s only spent a million since then. That might sound like a lot but the dude did wreck an expensive boat.

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I kind of wonder why Greg is still working the car wash even with all that money. Maybe he just REALLY loves the work? Why doesn’t he use it to support himself while he makes music again? Perhaps he just really wants to be there for Steven.

Besides Steven’s admission about Connie this episode was mostly just some room to breathe. It’s nice we get all the original Gems back in an episode Steven and Greg. I love seeing them play off each other and anytime Garnet gets to make jokes is a good time. 

Extra Thoughts

-“ Hope you didn’t get your phone mixed up with a tennis ball.”

Yeah, even I’m wondering about that one Steven.

– “Is the way we interpret media consumption a projection of self compared to the intended delivery of the writers?”

So real talk, should Den of Geek write an article about this very topic?

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– “Remove all shoes before entering.” –tosses shoes-

I love you, Pearl.

– “Steven, join me. Become a raisin.”

Look man, if Garnet tells you to become a raisin YOU DO IT.

– “I always thought I’d be there with you.”

Pearl DOES still have fond memories of home world. Fascinating.

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– Did anyone else notice Pearl covering her mouth as she tried to tell Steven about the Diamonds? Why did she keep covering it? Is there something within her FORCING her hand? Something to watch for sure.

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3.5 out of 5