Steven Universe Future Finale Ending Explained

The finale of Steven Universe Future set Steven on a new path. We tried to answer any lingering questions left by the series.

Steven Universe Future Finale Explained
Photo: Cartoon Network

This STEVEN UNIVERSE review contains spoilers.

That ending of Steven Unvierse Future was the perfect culmination of the whole show. Steven became a monster but through the help of his friends and family he was able to find himself again. He was finally able to believe he deserved help and others wouldn’t push away for it. A perfect emotional ending for a character that’s been through so much.

The final episode took place a few months after those events and found Steven getting ready for a road trip where he’d meet up with a few friends and finally leave the Crystal Gems behind (for the time being.)

Where Is Steven Going?

Steven is heading out on a road trip that will take him all over the country. It’s a great move after spending so much of his life serving others needs. He’s finally taking some time for himself where he won’t be alone for too long but he’ll have time to emotionally breathe. He’s giving himself the space he needs to be on his own.

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Along the way Steven will also be video chatting with his therapist. We never see the therapist but it’s great to know that Steven’s problems weren’t all wrapped up in a giant hug. He’s still working through things but he has a professional to help him through it.

Are Steven and Connie Still Together?

After Steven’s disastrous proposal to Connie, where is their relationship now? Well we know that on Steven’s road trip he’ll be meeting up with Connie and Lion in Providence Island as the two of them visit schools. The two still seem like they’re happily dating but Connie is giving Steven enough space that he can explore himself more.  Sometime in the future Steven will probably propose but there’s no rush. They’re both willing to take their time.

Will There Be More Steven Universe?

As much as we all want more of Steven and the Crystal Gems this looks like it’s the end of the series. The whole story has been wrapped up and all the emotional arcs finished off. There’s not many other places for the franchise to go.

Although if you want more adventures with Steven set earlier in the show’s timeline Boom Comics is currently releasing original graphic novels and collected editions of new Steven Universe stories. If you need your fix of Steven, that’s a great place to go!