Steven Universe: Are You My Dad? Review

We never thought we’d write this, but is Steven the father?

This Steven Universe review contains spoilers.

Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 24

Damn, when Steven Universe decides to punch you in the feels they don’t mess around. While most of this episode was just gearing up for that final minute it really knew how to play up the tension. The sudden reveal of Aquamarine was well executed and at first I thought she’d just be a lost little Gem. Wrong! She’s cunning and has the help of another new Gem, Topaz, who can split themselves up and absorb organics.

Damn, two new Gem introductions in one episode?  That’s a real treat for fans that are eager for more Gem goodness. While I adore the citizens of Beach City I can’t deny the Gems are cool but these two seem a little different. They’re on a mission of some kind. It doesn’t seem that they’re directly after Steven, it would have been easy for Aquamarine to wipe Steven out in the forest.

Why do they want Steven’s friends though? How did they already know Connie’s name? Aquamarine mentions they were sent there. By whom? Was it Yellow Diamond? Blue Diamond? Both? Topaz is yellow and Aquamarine is blue. It would fit those Diamonds, even if color coordination doesn’t always signify loyalty to a specific Diamond.

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So many questions that I can only hope will be answered in the next episode. If not, we’ve probably got a long wait until the next episode drops.

Connie raises a fascinating point in this episode. Is Steven the only half human half Gem? The idea is mostly shrugged off but fans are now left to wonder. If a whole war took place on Earth, who’s to say more Gems didn’t fall in love with humans? Yeah, it would make Rose’s sacrifice a little less special but it would also give Steven someone to relate to. Someone who finally “gets” Steven in a way no one else could.

I’m glad that issue was at least raised, even if nothing is done with it in the future. The Earth is a big place and who knows how many Gems might still be lurking around. 

The little details, as always, were a big highlight of this episode. Everyone’s drawings of Steven’s Aquamarine description were beautifully on point. Pearl’s especially, with her “I can’t even draw a circle.” That’s so Pearl. Of course she’d think that amazing drawing wasn’t worth anything. Garnet’s though was just… I love Garnet. I love Garnet so much.

I’ve got to wonder, with all these people disappearing, does Beach City have a police force? We’ve seen a cop chase Pearl down in “Last One Out of Beach City” but they can’t be a huge force for such a small town. Does Mayor Dewey even give them any money with all the shady deals he has going on behind the scenes? Give us an episode about this Steven Universe, please.

Steven Universe season four looks to be ending on a high note so let’s hope they can bring it all home with the next episode. Hopefully Steven will get his distinguished khaki’s by then. Oh my god, what if the distinguished khaki’s are what saves the universe?! 

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Stray Thoughts

– “What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t make a copy of all my daughters keys?” Wow, Barb. That’s… a bit much.

– Dream Ghost. Not the usual anime reference, but a loving 80’s reference.

– “Awaiting new challengers to validate me.”“Punch me, please!” These lowkey jokes are EVERYTHING.

– “Don’t leave me with another enigma!” Steven occasionally busting out words like enigma never fails to crack me up.

Shamus Kelley needs an art book full of the Crystal Gems drawings. Follow him on Twitter!  


3.5 out of 5