Baby Yoda’s Blue Mandalorian Macarons Don’t Taste Great Sorry

The Mandalorian's showrunner, Jon Favreau, has revealed that Baby Yoda's delicious-looking sweet treats "didn't really have much flavor."

Baby Yoda In The Mandalorian
Photo: Lucasfilm

This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2.

It’s entirely possible that those blue macarons Baby Yoda flagrantly stole and porked his way through in The Mandalorian Season 2’s New Hope-y fourth episode tasted better coming out than they did going in, as showrunner Jon Favreau has revealed that they actually “didn’t really have much flavor.”

Favreau popped up on the ever-popular YouTube series Binging With Babish this week in an installment where host Andrew Rea, aka Oliver Babish, attempted to recreate the blue snacks, with objectively dodgy results. The Iron Man director explained to Babish how the cute little macarons entered Star Wars canon, and our hearts, before becoming a river of blue sick that more accurately reflected the foodstuff that inspired them – Luke Skywalker’s favorite Bantha milk drink, often fresh from the tit.

“Josh, our prop master, came to us and was asking. ‘What do these cookies look like?’ If you look at the very end of the episode, under the credits, we like to include a lot of production art,” Favreau explained. “So you can see the first look at what we thought it might look like. We wanted it to be blue, because it was like blue milk. And the prop master ended up baking macarons for it. But not a full macaron, not the sandwich, just like one half of the sandwich.”

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Baby Yoda yoinked the pack of macarons from a poor child he was seated next to after joining a class full of children during ‘The Siege’, and mukbanged his way through them despite protestations – the kid is a thief and a liability, but he’s going to absolutely own Disney Christmas.

Since the snack-heisting incident a couple of weeks back, the internet has been fixated on Grogu‘s blue macarons, with many fans sure that the wee bikkies were a God-tier sweet treat that would melt in the mouth and make you forget the day-to-day horror of your life, at least until the sugar high wore off.

But no.

“It didn’t really have much flavor,” Favreau confirmed, ruining everything. “It was kind of a blue raspberry a little bit, but again, because it’s on a film set, you’re not worried so much about the taste. It’s about the look.”

Favreau also understands that choosing a macaron style for Baby Yoda’s snack was ultimately kind of a mistake, even though they looked great on screen.

“What I also found out now that everybody loves – especially, kids love to nerd out on the stuff in the show – that little kids might want to eat macarons, because it’s what Baby Yoda is eating. I later realized that macarons, when you buy them, could be several dollars each. So it’s an expensive thing,” he admitted.

The Mandalorian Season 2 will continue its rollout on Disney+ until late December. Favreau and his team are already hard at work on Season 3.

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