Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 7 review

Spoilers lie ahead, as The Clone Wars return to our screens with Duel of the Droids, which concludes the most recent two-parter...

Episode 7: Duel Of The Droids

WARNING: This review contains a SPOILER that may ruin your enjoyment of this episode.

It’s the Duel Of The Droids in which we see Artoo kick some shiny metal ass – but more of that later. The latest episode of The Clone Wars concludes the story (unveiled last week) where we witnessed the loveable little astromech being abducted and becoming the potential slave of General Grievous.

Don’t worry though, Anakin and Ahsoka (who, thankfully, have stopped bickering every two minutes) are on the case along with new droid R3-S6 (whom Skywalker has taken an instant dislike to – bad boy!) all against the wishes of grumpy old man, Obi Wan. Like me, Kenobi doesn’t really ‘get’ his Padawan’s attachment to Artoo. And here it blossoms into an even more unhealthy obsession with the soon-to-be fallen Jedi claiming he “would recognise that voice anywhere” when he hears some robotic beeps. Stalk much, Skywalker?

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In the absence of some cuddles from Padme, has Ani formed some Deckard/Rachel Blade Runner-like relationship? Moving on…

As is becoming the norm with this series, there’s usually a visually arresting scene and Duel Of The Droids is no exception. The Jedi jumping down with the Clones (whilst, rather amusingly, Rex holds R3) onto the droid general’s sphereship, is a feast as is Artoo’s fight with his gold counterpart (turns out he was working for Grievous all along! – hence all his, or hers, ‘mistakes’) as the ship is destroyed.

Despite some of the lighter moments in the episode – including a mirthful remark from a Battle Droid regarding some of the newer models, “Those 631s are not the brightest lights on the ship” – there’s a moment of real menace in here. Once Grievous gets what he wants from the Trandoshan scavenger, Gha Nachkt, he unmercifully lightsabers him in the back. Not only that but he also holds poor Ahsoka by the neck whilst in battle. Both surprising, almost horrific moments and I did gasp a little: goodness knows what the ‘kids’ will think.

This two-parter makes a most engaging story. Although we know that Artoo is not going to be destroyed (or go missing) from the get-go, the tight pacing and direction take our minds off this fact with the visuals and set pieces entertaining the eye, diverting the mind. On a more serious aside, it also highlights Anakin’s petulance and non-Jedi traits.

But I have a second warning for you, reader; there’s another horrifying spectacle in this episode. During the preview of next week’s story, the start of a new trilogy, we catch a glimpse of, wait for it, Jar Jar! You have been warned…

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