Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 19 review

A new mini-trilogy kicks off in the latest Clone Wars episode. It doesn't get off to a great start, though...

Episode 19: Storm Over Ryloth

WARNING: This review contains Spoilers that may ruin your enjoyment of this episode

And so begins another mini trilogy, focusing on a new planet to The Clone Wars, Ryloth. In a plot very similar to The Phantom Menace (which, as a sidenote, will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year!), the planet has a Separatist blockade after the blaggards invaded it. The Jedi want to get into the planet and help the inhabitants from the evil machinations of Wat Tambor, the leader of the Techno (Techno, Techno!) Union.

It’s a rather dry tale with Ahsoka doing her usual routine with Anakin, disobeying him and putting people (well, Clones anyway) in danger. Unusually for the series, it’s dialogue heavy with few set pieces, though they are, as always, spectacular.

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The Clone Wars does ‘space’ scenes very well with the ships and battles having a real presence (sometimes more so than the characters) and are beautiful to watch. Of particular note is the scene where Anakin crashes his Republic warship, the Resolute, into the Trade Federation ship. Sah-weet!

Sadly, this also acts as a catalyst for some rather annoying antics from the Battle Droids who are back to being simple clowns here. Also clown-like was the Neimodian (is there any other kind?) Captain Mar Tuuk, who the production team deemed worthy enough of not being killed and survives to fight another day. Gah-roan!

‘Classic’ fans of Star Wars will enjoy the sight of escape pods being deployed, housing a certain droid and a certain Jedi but probably won’t make it that far as this tale lacks any real interest or tension. This does not bode well for the remaining two episodes in this mini story arc and I can only hope this is purely the setup to a trouser-tightening finale.

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