Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 15 review

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is on fine form with its latest episode, Trespass...

Episode 15: Trespass

WARNING: This review contains Spoilers that may ruin your enjoyment of this episode.

This week’s installment of The Clone Wars sees Coruscant’s finest, Obi Wan and Anakin, accompanying a Pantoran chairman and senator to Orto Plutonia, a desolate ice world previously thought to be uninhabited (sound familiar?).

After being alerted by the disappearance of a Clone security force, the Jedi and Clones help out the rather unlikeable Chairman Cho and rather likeable Senator Chuchi (she’s a cutie!) but soon discover that the Separatists are not behind this dissolution.

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Turns out that Hoth, sorry, Orto Plutonia is inhabited (and has been for some time) by the Talz – a species previously seen in the cantina scratching its furry head quizically and making odd noises back in ’77. And these guys don’t like the way they are being ignored! It’s their flippin’ planet so back off, rest of the galaxy!

Sadly, the Cho does not share the indigenous species’ sentiments and claims the planet as his own and this is where, yet again, The Clone Wars takes a very interesting epistemological turn. Though you may be on the side of ‘good’ can you be a ‘bad’ person?

The answer here is a definite ‘yes’ with the Pantorian senator being a nasty piece of work who will quickly make you forget he’s on the same ‘side’ as the Jedi.

There’s a very serious tone throughout Trespass right from the start – once the Jedi and troops find the station, where the Clones disappeared, they find helmets atop spikes. As they explore the deserted outpost they then find headless Battle Droids as well as their heads on spikes too. Almost Even Horizon-esque in atmosphere.

Visually, the story is beautiful, with Hoth being the main frame of reference right down to the fatigues worn by Skywalker and Kenobi and the uniforms fashioned by the Clones. The Talz are also well realised with the attack scenes incredibly cinematic in feel and scope.

Yet again, the makers of The Clone Wars display that they can do decent scripts and thoughtful ideas whilst also brandishing fantastic set pieces and visuals, all to great effect. I must also congratulate them specifically on featuring Obi Wan and Anakin without any needless bickering – more of this, please. Oh yeah, and look out for Threepio piloting a speeder – in the background, look closely!

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3 February 2009