Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Station to Station

Kaz and Neeku infiltrate a refueling ship in order to find a necessary part in a straight-forward Star Wars Resistance.

This Star Wars Resistance review contains spoilers.

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 11

I would like to make a correction. There are apparently eight episodes to go in this 19-episode second and final season of Star Wars Resistance (I would have sworn I heard there would be only fourteen somewhere). So my concerns about these string of episodes spending too much time meandering is mostly unfounded, as we have a bit more space to really gear up for the finale. But. Still. Meandering is meandering, and even with a full eight episodes go, it still feels like the show is struggling to make this final run mean something, or build up to a tense, climactic scenario.

The clearest example? The consistent, repetitive reason given for the very premise of “Station to Station.” Yes, it is crazy, and a clear act of desperation that Kaz and Neeku have to sneak into another ship that’s similar to the Colossus in order to find a “transbinary deflector”–a ship completely filled with First Order soldiers.

Neeku very often mentions what’s at stake: the people of the Colossus will be inundated with radiation if they don’t retrieve this device. Several characters exposit the point further: the people on the Colossus must be desperate if they’re resorting to such measures. But at no point do we feel that desperation. The episode has to constantly reiterate the stakes because the story and pacing fails to emphasize that tension. There’s no real fear or sense of panic, rush, failure.

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In fact, I’m not quite sure what the point of the episode even is? I mean, at a structural level, it’s fine, if basic. It’s mostly watching Kaz and Neeku sneak around in various ways to avoid being caught. They disguise their voices. They come up with elaborate stories to confuse the Stormtroopers. They duck, weave, and hide behind objects. They crawl on the ground to avoid various commanders. It has a lot of the cute, amusing, and mildly intriguing narrative choices that we’ve seen in previous episodes, particularly the first season. In fact, I guess you could argue “Station to Station” is a “back to basics” kind of episode. But is that what should be happening at this point? Again, I understand we have a lot of narrative breathing room. But this is getting monotonous.

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Even the Tam/Rucklin elements aren’t particularly necessary or informative. Tam’s reluctance has always been the season’s most intriguing, personal development. She’s not only emotionally pulled between to different factions, but the First Order itself knows about her internal struggle, and has plans to exploit it. We see this struggle in action in this episode, what with Tam ultimately opening those blast doors so Kaz and Neeku can escape, and with Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny once again discussing how they can use Tam’s internal hesitancy for their benefit. Yet we have yet to see any indication on what that may be!

This episode is a broad reminder of where, exactly, characters are within the scope of the season overall, but nothing specifically happens, we don’t learn anything we don’t know already, and the narrative beats are the same as they ever were. Rucklin is still the annoying little git that gets in the way, and General Hux arrives to… berate Pyre and announce the First Order’s intention to destroy the Colossus and everyone on it. All of this is information we already know.

There is a pretty nifty sequence at the end in which Neeku and Kaz have to jump across a number of collapsing crates while being fired upon, which feels very Indiana Jones-esque. It’s been a while since we’ve a solid, well-executed action sequence on this show; even the flying sequences earlier in the season seemed to lack the pizzazz they possessed in season one. Yet beyond that, “Station to Station” is a relatively lackluster, mostly straight-forward, uninspired episode. There’s really nothing else to say.

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2.5 out of 5