Star Wars Resistance Episode 6 Review: The Children from Tehar

A fun, watchable episode of Star Wars Resistance, but one that feels a little like a step back.

This Star Wars Resistance review contains spoilers.

Star Wars Resistance Episode 6

There won’t be many words for this review. “The Children from Tehar” is a fine episode, although it’s very limited in scope. We do learn a bit more about The Colossus, and there’s a slightly new shade to Kazuda, but beyond that, it’s not expansive or eye-opening or game-changing.

I guess it’s more table-setting, but nothing really seems… informative? It’s mostly about putting up, front and center, a lot of ideas that we could pretty much assume from the start, so while the execution of the episode is pretty straight-forward, the details are shrug-worthy.

Kazuda is in debt to Tam over a ship part he broke that’s both rare and expensive, so Kazuda, after overhearing a hologram transmission, decides to try and find some missing kids for a financial reward. I’ll skip over the part that involves the odd assumption that these kids, from a totally different world, would somehow be on The Colossus. They just are, in that weird television kind of way (the kids, once found, explain how they arrived there, but it still feels random and coincidental).

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Regardless, Kazuda’s sudden idea to try his hand at bounty hunting fits his sort of lost-among-the-clouds struggle in finding himself, but as Neeku rightly mentions, he’s no bounty hunter. The episode ultimately showcases Kazuda’s more humane and empathic side, and while it’s all well and good that we see him go from mildly greedy/desperate to warmly understanding, it’s an aspect that’s always been a part of his character. This isn’t quite revealing, but I guess it’s good to see it in more detail.

A slightly more relevant reveal (but not by much) is that The Colossus is maintained by a group of aliens called the Chelidae: turtle-like engineers that constantly work to fix the base and have their ear to the ground of the ins and outs of whatever is going on. (They seem fairly similar to the keepers that maintained the Citadel in Mass Effect, showcasing yet another connection between this show and that game.)

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They most likely will be more prevalent in future episodes, but we don’t really know much more about them, why they’re here, or why they do what they do. They’re friends with Neeku (which explains a lot) and they help out during the climax to save those children, but again, there’s nothing else here other than “keep these characters in mind for the future.”

The episode itself is pretty straightforward. The children are on the run from the First Order. They run into Kazuda. He realizes that they’re in danger. He finds them and they tell them that they’re escaping from said First Order, who massacred their village, including this new character named Kylo Ren. Star Wars shows do this “name-dropping” thing a lot, and while I like the attempt to tie everything together, it rarely feels more than winking at the movies. How much will Ren matter to the scheme of things here for this show?

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After a perfunctory chase scene, they fake the kids’ death (without saying the word death) and free them from the clutches of the First Order. They’ll probably stick around, and Kazuda sends his first real report to the Resistance, and earlier in the episode Kazuda and Doza meet for the first time. It’s a lot of “here’s information” without a clear grasp of any depth of what we learned. And that’s fine. It’s a fun, completely watchable episode! But after the last two highlights, this feels like a step back.

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2.5 out of 5