Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: The Mandalorian Season Finale, The Clone Wars

Our Star Wars podcast hosts share their thoughts on The Mandalorian's first season finale and the approach of The Clone Wars season 9.

On Star Wars Blaster Canon, we’re drawing lines between the current Star Wars canon and the expanded universe, and detangling some connections, too. This month, we tackle the current news and the finale episode of The Mandalorian.

Season nine of The Clone Wars is drawing closer, and a new trailer shows some unexpected but familiar faces. With the Siege of Mandalore having been mentioned in a lot of different post-Revenge of the Sith Star Wars stories but never shown on screen in full, it’s a strange feeling for the reveal of the full event to be only a month away.

The Star Wars books world is also reaching into the Prequel Trilogy era with the upcoming Queen’s Peril, the prequel to Queen’s Shadow. Things are a bit quiet on the Star Wars fiction front otherwise, but we dig into what the canon tie-ins say about the Empire further in our recap of The Mandalorian.

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The Mandalorian ends with a bang. This is a fully spoiler-filled review of the first season finale, so make sure you’re caught up with Baby Yoda’s adventure before you listen. The Mandalorian has proven to be a great entry point for viewers who weren’t passionate about Star Wars before, while at the same time providing expanded universe deep cuts. Episode eight in particular is full of the latter, and we’ve spotted ‘em all. (Look at that E-Web!) We talk about the state of the Imperial remnants and how canon differs from Legends, then fangirl over Moff Gideon and speculate on what might come next for Mando and Baby Yoda.

Finally, this podcast covers how Den of Geek’s Star Wars experts felt about the Disney+ show all along. Did it grow on us as it went along? Was anyone at Disney or Lucasfilm really expecting Baby Yoda to become a cultural phenomenon? And what might be next for the adopted father-son duo in season two?

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