Star Wars Blaster Canon Podcast: Dooku: Jedi Lost, Celebration, Lucasfilm

Our Star Wars podcast hosts do deep dive into Dooku: Jedi Lost and discuss news from Celebration and at Lucasfilm.

With Celebration 2020 dates announced, our Star Wars experts sit down to talk about the show and the latest new canon content. First, we chat about the difference between attending as press and attending as a fan. What is it going to be like going to Celebration after The Rise of Skywalker is out and the cultural conversation has sparked? And are conventions too expensive?

In behind-the-camera news, Michelle Rejwan was named Senior Vice President of Live Action Development & Production at Lucasfilm. What does it mean that she could be “the Kevin Feige of Star Wars”? We go over her credentials and talk about the difference between adapting comics and creating new stories.

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Our main topic this week is the audio drama Dooku: Jedi Lost, telling the story of the Count’s fall to the dark side. Saf and Paul generally found the concept interesting but the execution to be poor. Asajj Ventress talks to a manifestation of her former Jedi Master, and Dooku encounters Syfo-Dias and his prophetic visions. It turns out that the characters on the margins are more interesting than the story of Count Dooku’s fall, but we do pull out some connections between the audio drama and the latest novel, Master & Apprentice.

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