Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Teases Potential Calypso Connection

At NYCC, Alex Kurtzman teased the possibility of Short Treks "Calypso" linking up with Star Trek: Discovery Season 3.

If you haven’t been watching Short Treks, the mini-anthology Star Trek series available on CBS All-Access, then you’ve been missing out on content that is increasingly making the move from the Fun, Supplementary category to the Helps You Better Understand Ongoing Star Trek TV Shows category.

For example, Short Treks episode “Runaway” introduced Xahean stowaway Po, who would later make an appearance in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2’s two-parter “Such Sweet Sorrow,” while Short Treks episode “The Brightest Star” gave us Saru’s origin story on Kaminar, which would come into play in Discovery episode “An Obol For Charon.”

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Given this precedent, it’s not so hard to imagine that “Calypso,” the Short Treks episode (written by Star Trek: Picard showrunner Michael Chabon) that stars Aldis Hodge as Craft, a man who boards a long-abandoned Discovery from an escape pod 1,000 years after the events of Seasons 1 & 2 of Star Trek: Discovery might come into play… especially now that Discovery has jumped 930 years into the future.

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When asked by a fan at last week’s New York Comic Con panel if “Calypso” would come into play in the coming season of Star Trek: Discovery, executive producer Alex Kurtzman left the door open, saying the show may explore that.

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Previously, Star Trek EP Heather Kadin gave a bit more insight in an interview with Assignment X. Speaking about Short Treks in general, she said: “The idea originally, I think, was just to tell these standalone stories that, in themselves, would be their own thing, and then the more in love with each one of them we became, the more we decided we really wanted to use them.”

She continued: “And you’ll see a lot of that coming through at the end of our season [2]. We definitely want to deal with that story in particular down the line, and especially with that actor, Aldis Hodge. He was magnificent. So you’ll see [him] sometime down the line, for sure.”

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Hodge’s Craft is a human from the planet Alcor IV. He is a soldier, who fought for ten years in the way against the V’draysh. When Discovery finds him, he has been floating for a month in a V’draysh escape pod. 

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Of course Craft isn’t the only character featured in “Calypso.” The mini-episode also introduces us to Zora, an evolution of the Discovery computer who can think, feel, and fall in love. Given that, of the two characters featured in “Calypso,” Zora is the one with a much longer lifespan, it seems even more likely that we will meet her, in some incarnation, in this far-flung future.

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