Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Already Being Discussed

It's never too early to start story-planning for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3... even if we've yet to get official confirmation.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 has only just begun, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 — especially if you’re one of the show’s executive producers.

At today’s CBS presentation at the Television Critics Association conference, Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Alex Kurtzman gave us our first, very vague Season 3 tease.

“We’ve started thinking about Season 3 already,” said Kurtzman. “We’re cutting the [Season 2] finale right now. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. We’re really proud. So we have a lot of big ideas we’ve already started working on. You have to start thinking about Season 3 in the middle of Season 2. That’s just how I make television.”

A good strategy for any TV storyteller, really.

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It’s important to note that Star Trek: Discovery has yet to be officially renewed for a third season, though Kurtzman’s comments certainly make it sounds like. Either way, it’s fun to theorize about!

For example: Might Discovery Season 3 include more Spock? The character came up during the Discovery presentation, when Kurtzman dropped the news that the Spock storyline would last for the entire second season, but could the iconic character’s Discovery run last longer than the show’s sophomore season?

It’s also interesting to theorize on how Discovery might tie into any of the other Star Trek TV series currently in development. It seems unlike, given the timeline, that Discovery could help launch the Picard-centric reboot featuring Patrick Stewart (nor that the series would need the help from Discovery, given Picard’s popularity as a character). However, crazier things have been known to happen in the Star Trek universe.

Past Picard, CBS also has in some stage of development: a series set at Starfleet Academyan animated series about the “lower decks,” another animated series, and a Discovery spin-off starring Michelle Yeoh. That last one might get some story time from Star Trek: Discovery Season 3.

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