Star-Crossed episode 9 review: Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars

This week's episode is a bit of a family affair. Here's Caroline's review...

This review contains spoilers.

1.9 Some Consequence Yet Hanging In The Stars

Family loyalty has been a theme running throughout Star-Crossed, beginning with Roman and Emery’s fathers and the legacy they leave their children, and now the various rivalries brewing in the increasingly complicated family trees for both the Atrians and the humans are starting to bleed down into the lives of our central teenage characters. Grayson has been brought up by Red Hawk parents but doesn’t agree with their beliefs, Emery’s dad killed Roman’s politically important father, Drake’s mother and Roman’s uncle are on opposing sides of the sector and, now, the kids have to choose between people they love in order to land on the right, not to mention the winning, team.

The biggest question mark of this episode, Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars, was left hanging over Castor and Saroya, who both have a very different version of events for the night the Atrian ship crash landed on Earth. While Saroya maintains that Castor broke into the control room and took out the pilot in order to sabotage the ship, Castor just about convinces Roman of his innocence. He says that Saroya and the pilot were committing mutiny and he intervened in order to prevent them from going through with their plans and, even if that story seems completely implausible to the audience, it’s not crazy to think that Roman might decide that blood is thicker than water.

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But Saroya is related to someone too – Drake. Drake and Roman have had an uneasy alliance across the season, with the former joining the Trags and the latter just generally being the more level-headed of the two, but could their commitment to family tear them apart for good? I wouldn’t bank on it as, with Grayson now after the both of them for whatever snippets he remembered from the night Drake killed Zoe, they’ll most likely be united by a common enemy. They’re both similar in their taste for human girls, too, with Drake and Taylor’s relationship going up a level this week. I guess Roman and Emery set the precedent.

But those relationships are going to come under some scrutiny next week, as Roman and Emery’s otherwise secret janitor closet trysts have been outed to the entire sector. Everyone we care about already knows (and, interestingly, don’t really care) about their sneaky relationship but, with the war brewing and Saroya now working for the Trags full-time, it might be the worst possible time for news like this to come out. At least now we might actually get some Shakespearean drama from this pseudo Romeo and Juliet tale, which has been woefully undercooked up until this point.

And we’re edging nearer to the end of this first season, which has ranged from frustrating to mildly intriguing, and a lot of the most interesting elements that have been introduced are still waiting to be explored a little further. That means that we still have to wait for Roman’s half-brother to come out of the woodwork and the reveal of the Atrians’ secret utopia. Without those things, though, there’s still a potentially exciting clash between the two warring species to look forward to, and the revelation of Castor’s true colours in this episode is adding an extra wrinkle to things. Could we be seeing a war between different factions of the Atrians, rather than Atrians vs. humans, as we’re all expecting? We’ll have to come back next week to find out!

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