South Park: A Song of Ass and Fire, Review

Talks of betrayal and wieners continue as winter, and the console war, is coming.

Here’s the South Park review for the non-Game of Thrones watchers… 

As I stated last week, I have yet to hitch a ride on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. Some would argue that there’s a hole in my life. Cartman and Butters might say that hole can only be filled with “non-threatening” flaccid wieners. 

Potty talk aside, there were plenty of elements at work in South Park’s latest effort that extend beyond the Thrones wiener love fest. “A Song of Ass and Fire,” was an entertaining throwback to the glory days of the series. As Matt and Trey build toward the epic ending of the 17th season of South Park, I have to suspect something big will happen with the final two episodes. It’s possible they could attempt their first four-part episode. Right now, it looks like three is a foregone conclusion. Don’t rule out a “Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut” type cliffhanger with Matt and Trey completely crapping on our expectations. With the endless “winter is coming” references, the dragons that never seem to show up and Black Friday getting pushed to December 6, I fully expect Matt and Trey to continue the theme of putting off the inevitable.

Helping to keep this story fresh despite all the delays are South Park newcomers George R.R. (RRRRrrrrr) Martin, author of the books that spawned Game of Thrones, and of course Microsoft’s own Bill Gates, who just had to get in on the console wars. Was Gates really going to let Cartman, a king that happens to be a wizard in a small mountain town in Colorado, determine the fate of his empire? No. Hell no. Gates is too tech savvy no know that everything in the world revolves around South Park.

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I have to give Matt and Trey credit for Microsoft’s original hesitancy to buy into the narrative that South Park controls the console battle. Now that Gates took out his CEO and the stars are aligned, this battle is shaping up to be a dogfight. You can’t just ignore the magnitude of what South Park’s building up to. We’ve seen the Mongolians battle, lesbians fight Persians and scissors all night long and Imaginationland wage war over our collective conscience. But something tells me this could be bigger. There are themes of Kenny’s budding sexuality, endless talks of betrayal and Sony and Microsoft have the financial means to turn South Park Mall into a bloodbath. It’s chorus of men singing about flaccid wieners epic.

So far, South Park’s Thrones storyline has all the makings of an arc that could eclipse Imaginationland and the Coon series. But there are still plenty of questions to be answered. 

Where does South Park take the arc from here? Do I start binge-watching Game of Thrones? Are talks of betrayal best done in the yard of your elderly neighbor? PS4 or Xbox? How beautiful is Japanese princess Kenny?

While I chew on these thoughts, let us know in the comment section what you think of “A Song of Ass and Fire,” South Park fans!

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4 out of 5