Sons of Anarchy: The Separation of Crows review

Sons of Anarchy gets back on track with a much better episode this week. Here's Gerri's review...

This Sons of Anarchy review contains spoilers.

Last week I spent the episode trying to beat myself into unconsciousness with my keyboard so I would not have to witness Sutter’s annual descent into ridiculousness. Sigh. Oh lawd, the ridiculousness.

As you might recall, Jax ran amok killing random Jewish pimps, granting Juice a reprieve, showing mercy to a junkie and her son, and royally pissing off August Marks (I guess Billy Brown is too tied up with his new series, How to Get Away With Murder, to show his face on the Sons of Anarchy set). What with Gemma’s histrionics (confessing her sins to a friggen’ baby) and Bobby losing an eye (to August’s henchmen, see above), the entire episode was a hot goddamn mess.

Like most viewers I felt angry, betrayed, and deeply saddened that I am so attached to a bunch of stupid television characters that I care enough to feel angry and betrayed by bad writing.

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At any rate, tonight’s episode got Jax and company back on track. And by back on track, I mean hurtling out of control toward the inevitable cliff.

As the Niners try to figure out where Marks is hiding Bobby, Jax and the Sons look for their rat: Jury. Viewers will not be shocked to learn the obvious, the stoner Jax and Bobby killed and set up to take the fall for the hit on Lin’s heroin, was Jury’s son. And an Iraq War vet. Good work, douchebags. At least the Sons looked somewhat abashed when they learned the truth.

You know who didn’t look abashed? Jury. No, he looked like someone who was tired of taking Jax’s ration of shit (take note, Nero). Not only did he deny ratting out the club, but he basically told Jax that he had become the one thing his father detested most of all; a vile, douche canoe who runs amok, killing people while burying the club eyeball deep in horse shit and gang banger shenanigans.

Jax punched Jury, they both pulled their guns, and Jax shot first. The truth is hard to hear, huh, buddy? When people speak the truth, it tends to show in their ‘go to hell’ demeanor. Unser recognizes that look/tone in Juice (although there is no way in hell he has not figured out Gemma killed Tara, especially after last season’s cat fight; would Gemma be that upset that her daughter in law got herself good and killed?).

Where does that leave Jax? Definite downward spiral with a heavy coating of denial. As his chickens come home to roost, boyfriend’s world will start to come apart. Everything he has done hangs on Gemma’s story, his belief in her bullshit. And everything heaped on top of that is his own bullshit. Was Jury the rat? After this episode, I sincerely doubt it. Safe money is on Robocop.

Will killing a club member who had enough sack to tell him the truth be enough to crush his wee little soul? Perhaps. Maybe when (the now invisible) August Marks kills Bobby, it will push him right up to the edge. But that last little push over the cliff? That will come at the hands of Gemma. Yes, Mommy Dearest.

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As Jury verbally bitch slapped Jax, he suggested that instead of being murdered by Clay, Jax’s father actually killed himself. That he could not bring himself to destroy the club that he loved, nor could he stand to watch it slide into corruption and the aforementioned heap of bullshit. Foreshadowing, Sutter? Perhaps Jax doesn’t get pushed off that metaphorical cliff, maybe he just fucking jumps.

Bobby mutilation of the episode: the fingers off his “clutch hand.”

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4 out of 5