Sons of Anarchy: Some Strange Eruption Review

Lin and Jax have a showdown and Sons of Anarchy continues to roll in its final season. Here's our review...

Okay, so my new prediction is that Sons of Anarchy will end with Jax trying to choke Gemma to death with his bare hands. Nero will swoop in and kill Jax to save her, and then Gemma will go absolutely mad with grief. Yes, this sounds nice and tidy. 

Have I mentioned how much I love Katey Sagal? Man, she is good. Gemma, on the other hand, used to be pretty adept. She knew how to play the game with verve. This season she is rapidly losing her touch. After the complete cluster fuck at the brothel, and amid a literal pile of dead hookers, she continues to stick to her guns. Unser, Nero, and even the new sheriff are all under the impression that Lin ordered the hit on Tara and that the massacre was part of the tit-for-tat war escalating out of control between the Sons and the Chinese. The only person no longer taking Gemma’s ration of shit? Juice.

To be sure, Juice was already having a tough time being alone. Add the drugs (mostly weed) on top of that, and he developed a nice case of paranoia, which ended with him shooting the Asian manager of the hotel he was hiding in. Poor Juicy thought the Chinese had found him, and in his guilt and frustration over the red tide he and Gemma instigated, he shot the dude enough times to drench the hotel room in blood.

It was kind of a dick move, especially since the room was rented in Unser’s name. Why does Uncle Cancer always get stuck cleaning up after these wacky kids? 

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Anywho, Gemma arrives to take Juice up to her father’s house. But seeing his guilt, she drives him out to the desert, intending to kill him. Problem is, Juice sees right through her and in the end we are left with Gemma groveling in the dirt, begging Juice not to kill her, while he stands over her, gun in hand.

Gemma, grovel? You better fucking believe it. And it makes perfect sense. This is a woman who would do anything to survive. Anything. And while she may have been able to face down Nazi rapists, she cannot face what she did to her son’s wife. She cannot face what he is going to do to her when he finds out. So what happens when a survivalist’s strength runs out? It is anything goes time. 

Speaking of Jax, he finally gets to face Lin this episode. With the help of Robocop’s dirty Stockton Police and Nero (who is turning into Jax’s battered wife; dude, he will never treat you with the respect you deserve), he lures Lin into a trap and shows his hand. The catharsis is short lived. As Jax and Lin beat the crap out of one another, legit cops show up. The Sons manage to get away, but Lin’s crew is arrested for drugs and guns, while Lin lay bleeding in the dirt, literally asking “what the fuck just happened?’”

Good question. Another good question is who tipped Lin to the Sons involvement in the hit on his gun shipment? I figured Jury, but it was one of Robocop’s guys who let Lin reposes his merchandise. And Robocop was quick to kill the guy before he could get too chatty about the situation.

Plus, what will happen when August finds out that Jax has been playing both sides of the fence with the Niners? As for Lin, I doubt he gives a shit that Jax thinks he killed Tara. You know who gives a shit? Juice. He may not shoot Gemma in the dirt like a dog, but I doubt he keeps his mouth shut, either.

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4 out of 5