Son of Zorn Cancelled After First Season

Son of Zorn will not live to see a Season 2, as Fox has pulled the plug on the live-action and animation sitcom hybrid.

In news that is likely to upset Zephyria enthusiasts everywhere, confirmation has finally come down that Fox’s out-there live-action and animation hybrid, Son of Zorn, will not be living to see a season 2. The news was confirmed on Thursday by TV Line, which reported that in addition to Son of Zorn’s cancellation, another high-concept Fox comedy series, Making History, has also gotten the axe.

Son of Zorn was a fairly ambitious idea that married ‘80s nostalgia with modern sitcom tropes when it imagined a scenario where the He-Man-esque Zorn, an animated barbarian warrior from the fictional island of Zephyria (and voiced by Jason Sudeikis), showed up in modern live-action Orange County, California. Zorn is attempting to connect with his flesh and blood son, Alan (Johnny Pemberton), as well as with his ex-wife Edie (Cheryl Hines) and her new fiancé Craig (Tim Meadows).

Calling back nostalgia for Thundercats and other Saturday morning staples, the series had a geek appeal when it debuted in September with 6 million viewers. But the series steadily lost its audience, tapping out at only 1.5 million viewers for its season finale back in February.

Making History dealt with time travel and starred Adam Pally and Leighton Meester. It also seemed destined for an uphill battle since it saw its 13-episode order cut to nine episodes during last autumn. Bowing with only 2.9 million viewers for its first episode in March, that hill only grew steeper before the cancellation. The series is still expected to play through to its (now) series finale on May 21.

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