Sleepy Hollow: Pittura Infamante Review

On tonight's Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Katrina go on a date, and Abbie runs into an old friend. Here is our review...

On tonight’s Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Katrina went on their first real date since she joined the show proper in season two. A few episodes ago, I will admit that I’d root for these two crazy time-traveling kids, but Katrina’s actions as of late—particularly in regards to freeing the Headless Horseman (or if she must insist, Abraham)—has left me a little cold to this union.

But in this particular hour, I will say they made for a very amusing pairing, if still no Ichabod and Abbie. Indeed, one of the highlights of the night was the shoe being on the other foot, and Ichabod learning from another 18th century visitor (and one who looked considerably more lovely this evening) all the salacious gossip about important members of our Founding Fathers. Or should I say, Founding Mothers?

Indeed, Katrina was ready to spill the beans on all the juicy details about her relationship with the very opinionated and high-minded Abigail Adams. At least she didn’t let the Horseman of Death roam free….

In any event, the two get caught in a Scooby-Doo mystery involving a painting with nefarious spirits. And while the living painting shtick isn’t necessarily original, it was a nice touch. I especially liked how the malevolent spirit could conjure itself at will before Ichabod and Katrina, who for once appeared to be a husband and wife duo (if a strained one), as opposed to simply being a frustration.

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Abbie had the more intriguing storyline this week involving her relationship with Frank Irving. In the first bit of serious and entirely understandable suspicion either Ichabod or Abbie has shown a supernaturally touched being, it still hurts that Abbie kept Frank at arm’s length. He insists that she let him see his wife and that he is entirely on the up-and-up, but considering the last time that she saw Frank Irving, he was pushing up daisies, I am a bit hesitant myself.

Fun idea: Frank Irving is finally acquitted of the crimes he’s been accused of but because he is now in league with Henry, he is actually an antagonistic force that will rip Abbie and the Westchester County Sheriff’s Department apart!

In any event, it was an overall middling episode of Sleepy Hollow. With that said, this is a vast improvement over last week. More Frank Irving, whether good or bad, is always a welcome change of pace. Also, an attempt to at least make Katrina a functioning character instead of a plot device that angers fans is also a step in the right direction. And ultimately, I was amused by the haunted house aspects of the story and this Creature of the Week. So, I am willing to give the episode a pass until our next detour into the shadowy world of Upstate New York. I’m pulling for you, guys.



3 out of 5