Silicon Valley: The Cap Table, Review

Silicon Valley gets competitive and adds another level of depth to an already can’t-miss comedy.

Non-disclosure syndrome is a contagious disease. When it comes to tech innovation, those in the business laugh off the overprotection of ideas. The point is a valid one: how can you improve or sell your product if you won’t let anyone see it?

The counter argument is a valid one, too. Silicon Valley’s second episode makes it clear that any good idea is worth stealing. If you want to thrive in the valley, you’ll have to find a balance between protecting your brand and letting the right people guide you along. 

Richard is now a commodity. He’s the ugly chick who’s now suddenly smoking hot with big tits and small nipples. “It’s about to get pretty fucking erotic in here,” says Erlich, who orders a stripper he was no intent of paying for. The boys have earned the right to celebrate, but they have a ways to go before they’re really living the billionaire lifestyle. Dinesh didn’t shake a girl’s hand until he was 17 years old for Christ sake.

After the excitement of the biding war subsides, Richard’s second meeting with the hilariously deadpan Peter Gregory doesn’t go as expected. When someone offers you $200,000, you should probably have a game plan on how to make that money grow. Richard and his crew have no necessary documents or any idea how to start a business, let alone get that done in 48 hours or the offer flies away.

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In to save the day is Jared Dunn, a defector from Hooli who comes in to run the business side of Pied Piper. Jared might be the biggest nerd in a house filled with them. The show will get a lot of mileage out of Gilfoyle and Dinesh playing off Jared’s nonexistent personality. With Richard adding another member to the crew, he has to subtract if he wants to adhere to Peter Gregory’s demands. Unfortunately, the odd man out is Bighead, who’s described by his peers as “utterly useless, a man with zero purpose.”

As Silicon Valley continues to establish its identity, we’re starting to see how the parts of this operation work together. We know what we’re getting with Erlich and Richard but now we’re seeing a few promising rivalries develop. In house, Gilfoyle and Dinesh are trading jabs while at Hooli Gavin Belson is doing anything he can to launch his version of Pied Piper. Whether you’re working with your best friends or a complete stranger who own an app that finds water fountains, everyone in the valley is watching out for himself or herself. That competition is only going to add another level of depth to an already can’t-miss comedy. 

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4 out of 5