Silicon Valley Season 4 Episode 5: The 5 Best Jokes in “The Blood Boy”

Here are our five favorite jokes in Silicon Valley Season 4, Episode 5 “The Blood Boy”

Silicon Valley is a saga about one man’s journey into the heart of darkness of the world’s weirdest and most insular industry where everything is “disruptable” and nothing makes sense.

But also: jokes.

After each episode of Silicon Valley this season, we’re cataloguing our five favorite jokes. What constitutes a “joke” is often subjective. So don’t concern yourself too much with the proper definition of “jokes.” These are the five moments that made us laugh the hardest, ranked in order.

Richard and Gavin’s business venture continues! But there is a troublesome interloper in the way. That’s right: Gavin has himself a blood boy – just a hot piece of ass who gives Gavin his young, healthy blood from time to time. You know, as one does. Problem is: the blood boy doesn’t really understand when to not offer his two cents. So Richard has to shut him down for the good of nerds everywhere.

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Off in Bachman-land, Erlich has a soft alliance of sorts with Monica and helps convince her that a coup is underway at Raviga. Can Monica pick the winning side and come out on top? Almost certainly not, given our characters’ luck in this show.

Oh, and Dinesh calls the FBI. Here are our five favorite jokes in “The Blood Boy.”

5. Erlich’s attempt at nodding while holding a bong.

Look, they’re not always going to be big, show-stopping jokes. Sometimes we just find a particularly small thing funny. This is one of those instances. This relatively new Erlich/Monica pairing works really well. Monica is better at playing the straight man to Erlich’s weirdness than she is with Richard’s weirdness. And her awkward solicitation of Erlich for weed is excellent. Even better, however, is Erlich sagely nodding to her regarding stupid career advice as he takes a huge bong rip.

4. “You said it yourself: there’s more dick in here than a synthetic pussy convention.” “I never said anything close to that.”

Exhibit B of how excellent this new Monica/Erlich comedy pairing is. Of course Laurie would have a baby shower at work and of course Erlich’s shrewd business sensibilities would pick up on the subtle signs of a coup therein. He can’t just communicate this information to Monica normally so instead he has to devise a hilariously stupid and graphic line about dicks and synthetic pussies. Sure, why not!

3. “Look at him, he looks like a Nazi propaganda poster.”

Man, the eponymous Blood Boy in “The Blood Boy” is really wonderful. Gavin interrupts Richard’s new ventures first meeting so he can receive a blood transfusion from his young and fit “blood boy.” Because that’s perfectly normal. This is the next step in disrupting the health industry from Silicon Valley…and it’s weird. Damn it all though if Gavin isn’t dead on with his assessment that the blood boy looks like a Nazi propaganda poster

2. “Sometimes you have to make compromises. I once slept with the head of an assisted-living facility to get my good friend Muriel bumped up the waiting list.”

It seems like every time Jared opens his mouth he unleashes another far too revealing tidbit about his strange life. Why did he have an elderly friend named Muriel? Because he’s Jared. Why did he have to bang the head of an assisted-living facility to get Muriel bumped up the list? Because he fucks. Because. He. Fucks.

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1.  “Mind the glass.”

“The Blood Boy” is full of amazing sight gags. As if Erlich and his bong-nodding weren’t enough we are treated to Gavin completely destroying his mansion for the second time is as many weeks – and in seemingly the exact same manner. Going back to this joke is so surprising and unexpected that it’s absolutely hilarious. It also makes perfect sense that Gavin would react to stress and disappointment in the exact same way every time. How else is someone supposed to respond to the news that their blood boy betrayed them and now he’ll only live to 120, max.