She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2 Review (Spoiler-Free)

Even with a shorter episode count, She-Ra season 2 builds upon the strong first season with relatable characters and a delightful world.

Friendship is a key part of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2.

Not in the traditional “oh boy we gotta learn to be friends” that a lot of television made with kids in mind falls back on. She-Ra Season 2 takes the idea of friendship and takes it much deeper than most shows out there. It explores both the positive and negative aspects that come with it. 

Obviously the slowly breaking friendship between Adore and Catra was a main part of She-Ra Season 1 but now we get to see the fall out of it. This season doesn’t just rehash what we saw before. It develops it. While thankfully not every plot is centered on Adora/Catra’s friendship you can feel its effects throughout. It keeps the show centered on that main theme and continually demonstrates how friendship can be used to drive a narrative just as much as romantic love usually does. 

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Take for example, Scorpia, the breakout star of season two. Throughout the episodes she desperately tries to be Catra’s best friend with mixed results. On the one hand it’s hilarious. Lauren Ash is a revelation and, even in the exceptionally talented cast of She-Ra, stands out. She makes Scorpia’s longing to be Catra’s “bestie”, which could be pathetic, truly heartwarming.

Critically through she’s given moments to play the more tragic sides of it. Catra pushes Scorpia away at every turn and while she usually brushes it off you can see how much it hurts that someone she clearly loves isn’t returning those feelings. If you ever wanted to be closer to a friend, this one will punch you in the gut.

It’s delightful that the Horde side gets so much focus this season, with almost equal screen time given to the Princesses and the Horde characters. It helps both sides feel more fleshed out and keeps the story from dragging – while season one took time to get going. Now that everything is established the writers are clearly having a ball just playing with the world and the characters.

We get to see more of the Princesses, especially Frosta, and the D&D episode that was previewed at Wondercon is the standout outting for the season. Not just because it has a tribute to the 80’s series (though it’s incredible) and not just because it’s hilarious (it is.) It’s because it reminds us the incredible weight of responsibility on Adora’s shoulders.

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This isn’t just a fun time beating up bad guys for her. Her new friendships are amazing but with them comes the fear she may let them down. That she may let the whole world down. It’s compelling and reminds us that She-Ra is willing to do what so many kids shows don’t, give us believable and relatable emotions. 

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Amongst those though is a fantastic world that is further given depth throughout season two. The mysteries of Etheria are pulled back enough to intrigue and hardcore Masters of the Universe fans may notice a few well-placed references.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 2, like season 1, is a delight. The voice cast is on top form, the animation is perfect (the facial expressions are a treat), and with the shorter episode count doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s the right amount to satisfy fans while keeping them primed for what’s next.

The second season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power series will drop April 26 on Netflix. Keep up with all the news about it here.

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4.5 out of 5