Sense8: series finale spoiler-free review

The Sense8 finale feels overstuffed trying to give everything in the series a conclusion, but hardcore fans will be satisfied...

The Sense8 finale movie has an impossible task to accomplish. Let’s get this out of the way now; there was no way to properly wrap up such a sprawling series, one that was supposed to last five seasons, in a movie. There was just no way to tie up every single loose end while also delivering satisfying conclusions to all the characters arcs.

But it certainly tries its best.

The movie is a satisfying enough conclusion to the Sense8 saga, certainly better than what the season two ending would have been if not for the fan campaign to save the show. Thankfully, the creative team of the series doesn’t try to hedge their bets with a hail mary of a third season pick up. They know this is their last hurrah and shove in everything they can.

This leaves the movie feeling overstuffed at times, with much of the supporting cast making return appearances. It’s nice everyone got to return for the victory lap, but I wish we had spent more time with our core cast instead of their sidekicks.

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It leaves the whole movie feeling a little shallow. We don’t get a lot of time to explore anyone’s character because the movie is trying to accomplish too much. Much of that is focused on trying to wrap up the BPO plotline. That side of the Sense8 series was always one that never really clicked, and the revelations here don’t do much to help it. It’s still pretty head scratching, and filled with too much vaguely mysterious dialogue.

What Sense8 was always good at were the small moments with our core cast. Seeing how they went about their lives. Seeing them interact with one another. Seeing them come to love one another and themselves. This is where the movie truly shines.

While the moments are few, they’re still a joy to behold. Simple small moments with the characters that remind us why we came to the love them in the first place. Some get more moments than others, Nomi and Amanita might as well be the stars of the movie, but at least no one is forgotten about. They all get a chance to shine. By the end you’ll just want to give everyone a hug.

Again, there’s no way this movie could properly give fans everything they wanted but it at least hits all the notes it needs to.

If you weren’t a fan of the Sense8 series this movie won’t do anything for you. It’s truly a love letter to the fans and is exclusively catered to them. But if you are one of the hardcore fans you’ll enjoy this. You’ll be left wanting more, but at least you’ll feel a true sense of conclusion. For that, we should all be thankful, but I also wouldn’t say no to Sense8 novels if they wanted to somehow continue the story!

It doesn’t have to end here, but if it does? I’m happy that we got such a beautifully diverse and ambitious series. Maybe it didn’t accomplish all its goals, but damn, it tried as hard as it could. That should be celebrated.

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