Scream: The Halloween Special Review

Wow, I think it is safe to say after this episode, Emma Duval certainly has a type. Here’s our review of Scream’s Halloween Special.

This Scream: The TV Series review contains spoilers

Everyone seems in good spirits following another of year of murder and torture. The Lakewood teens are just looking for a little break from the Halloween hype and decide to venture off to a remote island where they think a relaxing beach getaway will solve all their troubles.

So, so wrong.

Aside from these teenagers’ total inability to spot a bad plan when it is right in front of their face, there were many changes among the Lakewood crew, some that may even play out for the recently renewed, yet shorter, season three.

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The Brothers Grimm

I guess if you were paying attention, Stavo and Noah have a lot more in common (creatively) than we thought. Their obsession with the horror genre and death somehow lead them to write/illustrate a book together and therefore have an editor urging for more work. The basis for the trip to the island was their editor, Jeremy’s, idea to help inspire Noah through his writer’s block. Shallow Grove Island (nicknamed Murder Island, mind you) played host to the Whitten mansion where a terrible murder spree occurred in which Anna Hobbs apparently murdered her family and the people they worked for.

The story was eventually proven untrue through some sleuthing and puzzle piecing by Noah. However, this new partnership is one that I’m intrigued by and after Noah’s narration at the end of the episode, the two may continue collaborating in season three. Stavo is finally a part of the Lakewood teens group, instead of being considered as a suspect.

For now, at least.

Stranger Things…

When Emma cozies up with the only remaining descendant of the Whitten family, things start to take a turn.

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Alex Whitten immediately catches Emma’s eye and most viewers too. He’s mysterious, quiet, good looking, kind…

See where I’m going with this?

He’s had a troubled life, too with the tragedy of his own parent’s death. Emma relates to his feelings of being in the spotlight because of his trauma and is inspired by how he has made a good life for himself. 

However, their new romance is tainted by a new set of murders on the island, starting with the man who ran the museum with Anna Hobbs’ mask and murder weapon (garden sheers). Those things were taken and used as the killer’s disguise. Who knew a potato sack mask could be maybe even more creepy than the revamped scream mask regularly on the show?

Then everyone starts dropping like flies, including Stavo and Noah’s arrogant and annoying editor, Jeremy who by the end of the episode, wasn’t such a devastating loss. I thought we’d have to deal with him once season three was back but, apparently not. What this means for their book deal…I don’t know. The Lakewood 6 eventually find a sanctuary at Alex Whitten’s mansion as a storm comes in and prevents them from getting off the island.


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Now, I’m a pretty gullible person. So, I’m easily fooled when it comes to horror storylines. If writers are trying to throw me off the scent of the killer, I will usually buy it. However, I found the attempts to thrown off a little bit…reaching. It seemed so clear to me who the killer was right from the beginning, that I started to second guess myself and be like…no, it can’t be that obvious. It must be one of these other characters they are trying to trick us with like Jeremy or Audrey’s new girlfriend.

No—not the case.

So, I was a little disappointed by the trick factor. I guess this isn’t an M. Night Shyamalan. However, I did like the subtle nod to Shyamalon’s most recent horror film comeback, The Visit. Emma realizes Alex is the murderer on the island when she finds the real Alex Whitten’s mangled body in a chest at the mansion.

No thank you!

“I’m Emma Duval. I don’t need you!”

Yes, Emma gets the final take down of Alex Whitten when she pushes him off a balcony. Emma’s gusto was pretty kickass in this episode and I can’t wait to see more of it. Her character has definitely taken a turn for the better as she has become a person with a lot more strength and gumption.

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Here, here!

Finally, the Lakewood teens are all reunited and get the hell off that island.

Overall, I was happy with this brief storyline they created for the Halloween special and am excited about the new storylines they introduced that will contribute to the direction of season three.

To be continued…

While the end of season 2 suggested a possible return of Kieran by escaping the prison with the help of the new heir to the Brandon James mask, that idea was squashed within the first 5 minutes of the episode. The new masked murderer kills Kieran and we are once again left wondering who it could possibly be?

However, the ending dropped a few “cliffhanger” hints.

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There we see the return of Emma’s father glaring at Kieran’s grave. Could he have been Kieran’s killer, avenging the pain he caused his daughter. Or, were there other motives there?

We are also left with a new character, it seems, arriving in Lakewood going by the name…you guessed it— Mr. James! Now, who the hell is this guy?

I suppose we will have to wait for more answers once season three premieres in 2017. While the season will only be six episodes, that just leaves more opportunity for some jam packed episodes of shock, drama, and a good dose of horror.




3.5 out of 5