Scream: The Dance Review

Halloween dawned on last night’s Scream episode and the costumes were out. But, only one mask was worn...

Scream spoilers ahead…

We all know by now that if someone is taken captive by the murderer and not killed right away, it does not guarantee them a swift rescue. It wasn’t just Branson last night who was being held against his own will in the lastest episode of Scream

Emma gets the chance to question Mr. Branson, sitting across from him and his handcuffed wrists. She wanted to get some sort of reaction out of him, but at this point in the episode, it was difficult to tell just how involved in all of this hoopla he really was. Sure, he managed to have a deep, creepy voice, but it wasn’t enough to persuade me from questioning his involvement. 

Brooke, who was still recovering from the trauma, stays with Jake for a hot minute. However, when she was changing, the camera on her laptop turned on. She assumed it was Jake and while he denied it, seeing him scroll through that security footage of her house later in the episode makes me wonder just how much he was actually telling the truth.

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Emma and the rest of the town became more and more convinced of Branson’s guilt. Especially after Piper and Emma take a special trip to Brandon James’ mother’s house, where she confirms that Brandon’s son “Seth” came to visit her just yesterday. That was enough to confirm him as the killer and Emma finally started to feel at peace with her life, but… not for too long.

The Video

Nothing like a revealing recording to spice things up. Audrey and Noah began to search through old video footage of Rachel’s to see if they could spot Mr. Branson in any of it. However, it’s not Mr. Branson they find making a cameo on film. A quick shot of both Kieran and Nina together, the night before she was murdered.

After Audrey shows the video to Emma, she questions Kieran which he explains the situation of him helping a very drunk girl out of a bar (does every kid have a fake ID in this town?), not realizing who she was until the following day. I was more persuaded than Emma was in this moment, it wasn’t much longer past this scene until I started to think Audrey may be right about him.

Updated Potential Killers


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Kieran has always been a suspect, but was made to look very guilty after last night’s episode. Throughout the season there have been moments when Kieran goes MIA and of course, it is always when something bad happens. Tonight, it was when his dad, Officer Clarke, was knocked out by the masked killer. Clarke found the source of the cell phone calls to Emma’s phone and decided to check out the neighborhood for himself. Of course, he finds himself roaming the inside of a house with far too many nooks and crannies and is hit from behind. We don’t know his fate until a video of him pops up at the annual Halloween school dance, bloodied and tied up. 

So, why would Kieran do this? Well, aside from the fact that he is constantly missing, now we have it all 100 percent confirmed that he is Brandon James’ son. Piper goes back to Brandon’s mom’s house and brings a yearbook to point to his son who visited. That’s when she pointed out Kieran’s face. 


While he is definitely guilty of sleeping with a student, it’s still unclear of what other things he may be guilty of as well. He changed his name and may have been involved with and killed another student. Oh, and not to mention the fact that the episode ends with him having escaped from jail, killing a police officer in the process. He may not be Brandon James’ son as many suspected, but he is by no means innocent. 

The preview for next week’s finale guarantees a gripping, action packed episode. Most likely we will find out Clarke’s fate, the truth behind Mr. Branson, and Kieran’s connection to Brandon James. However, since Scream has already been renewed for a season two, I’m not going to hold my breath for a face behind the mask.

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3.5 out of 5