Scream Season 3: What to Expect

With MTV's Scream season 3 awaiting an official renewal, let’s take a look at where our Lakewood teens are now.

While we wait for Scream season 3 to be confirmed by MTV, we do know the series will have a two-hour Halloween special this October. Until then, here’s where we left off, and what we can expect from MTV’s small-screen adaptation. 

The Big Reveal

If you saw the summer finale for MTV’s, Scream, then you were most likely as gutted as I was. An early suspect from first season that seemed already acquitted of all accusation, was in fact, this season’s ruthless killer.

Kieran had me fooled, completely.

Even when Eli burst through the door, a stab wound in his side claiming Kieran was the one who did it in order to prevent Eli from telling Emma the truth about his not so dear cousin. It was the least creepy, most genuine Eli has ever seemed trying to protect Emma from who we thought for two seasons was her perfect, adorable, caring boyfriend. 

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Guess again…

At the end of the first season, our killer, Piper (apparently Kieran’s dead girlfriend) ended up dead, killed by Emma and Audrey. But, Kieran didn’t have the same fate when Emma decided to spare his life and is now safely behind bars. 

Well, sort of. 

Brandon James is Still Alive!

Or, so we think. In an interview with TVLine, showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register neither denied nor confirmed whether or not this was true, but they did say it is what they want us to think.

When Emma’s mom, Maggie, attempted to communicate with Brandon James after suspecting he was still alive, the finale may have just confirmed that he is indeed not dead. The note Maggie left for him was found stabbed to a tree trunk.

Not to mention the lovely little phone call Kieran received while he was in jail from our favorite creepy, slasher voice. Kieran’s horrified face either signaled that he was freaked out by the call or wondering how he had the same voice adapter as he did?

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So, if Brandon James is still alive, who will his targets be? Was he responsible for any of the kills this season, or was that all Kieran?  

There is no doubt that Brandon James will be leaving the Duvall family anytime soon. Maggie may even be getting some more screen time next season if her past obsessive stalker is back in action. 

Lakewood Teens


Noah seemed to be hanging up his hat on his Morbid podcast and his obsession with horror films and plots after Zoe’s death. But, since the finale ended three months after Kieran was caught, Noah seemed in good spirits. We may see less of the “horror fanatic” side of Noah, but more the effects of someone truly rattled by all the death in that down. No doubt he will still be our sweet, quirky Noah though.


Brooke has an affinity for getting stabbed as she was once again slashed by the killer. But, she’s a survivor as Noah reminded us and making a full comeback is her thing. With the death of her dad, it looks like Brooke is spending more time with Stavo and his father. 

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With Brooke spending more time with the Acosta’s, she may start to have a new, refreshing point of view on life. The final scene showed her happy and laughing, sitting with the Sheriff and Stavo at dinner. It was actually a sweet and unusual moment for Brooke; almost like she was a part of a normal family.

However, since her father was killed, will Brooke’s mom be making an appearance soon? I feel like there is potential for her to be a new character in the next season and whether or not she is good or bad…well, we shall see.

Audrey and Emma

Emma’s rage towards Audrey slowly subsided during the final two episodes of the season and it looked like the two of them are best friends once again. She will most likely really need Audrey next season, along with the rest of the gang if Brandon James is really back. 

While Audrey has always had a tough exterior, Emma’s grew thicker and thicker after each episode. If Brandon James is coming after her in Scream season 3, he may have more of a fight than he is thinking.

But what kind of revenge does Brandon James truly seek and why is only now coming out of the woodwork?

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Some are saying it is unlikely that Scream season 3, which is a hard pill to swallow after such a shocking and exciting finale. Kieran as the killer was so well manipulated. The writers made us focus more on his boyfriend skills, not his potential to be a murderer. They toyed with us, putting all the attention on watch him go an overprotective boyfriend to the great guy that would do anything for Emma. Plus, this is all after an entire first season of speculating that it was Kieran and coming to really believe…he had nothing to do with it. This season was so impressive than and it will not set well with the die hard fans if it isn’t renewed, especially after another cliff hanger finale. 

Scream Season 3 Release Date

Come the fall, Scream will be having a Halloween special and we have already been given a rather brief sneak peak.

— SCREAM (@MTVScream) August 17, 2016

It looks like Amadeus Serafini (Kieran) won’t be off the show quite yet as as it seems a new killer (Brandon James?) pays Kieran visit in prison. So, perhaps if the unfortunate event occurs where it does get canceled, it will hopefully be able to wrap things up then. Let the terror, continue!

We’ll keep you posted on the Scream season 3 news and potential premiere date.