Scream: Psycho Review

It’s hard to say who is on Emma’s side and who is just there to toy with her. Here’s our review of last night’s Scream episode.

This Scream: The TV Series review contains spoilers

Scream Season 2, Episde 2

As Kieran and Emma’s relationship heated up, a plethora of new characters were introduced and so obviously meant to torment us with who is our new creepy voice caller-killer.

Speaking of which, did anyone else find it incredibly eerie when Audrey used said digitally altered voice to throw off the scent that she was Piper’s accomplice? Noah was so close to discovering it was her, but before the hotel clerk could reveal her identity, Audrey is calling him with her disguised voice, threatening to kill him if he said anything else.

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Learning of Audrey’s involvement in the last episode has added an intriguing twist to the show. While this isn’t the first time we have questioned one of the main group’s innocence, it is the first time we have solid proof that it is true. However, I think a lot of the build up is only to confuse us, but she may not have been as involved as we all are thinking.

So, just who are these new characters that are adding to the “creep” factor of this show? Let’s begin a ranking, shall we?

5th Place: Emma’s father

Played by Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do, Z Nation), Emma’s dad decided to make an incredibly graceful and fatherly entrance by stalking her in an old car. I mean, I know Emma has had a rough time with phone calls lately, but that would have been my first move if I was trying to reunite with the daughter I abandoned. Plus, chasing her down the empty streets of Lakewood and flashing his car lights were enough to send Emma back into a permanent state of paranoia. Hold strong, Emma!

4th Place: Emma’s new teacher

I thought it was sweet last week when her teacher provided Emma with her phone number in case she ever needed to talk. I even thought Emma would never actually call her and that this person would just be a minor character to fuel all of Noah’s (and now, Zoey’s) horror movie references and parallel’s to the episode’s plot. But, when Emma finally took her up on that advice tonight, the audience is treated to a shot of her recording their conversation and signaling that this woman clearly has ulterior motives. However, she did look a little remorseful…so, maybe not much of a threat?

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3rd place: Kieran’s Aunt

She put up the caring aunt act in front of the sheriff, but quickly pulled off her motherly façade and expressed to Kieran her need for those checks to keep coming in as his guardian. The woman is odd, to say the least, but perhaps surpassed by her son, Kieran’s cousin.

2nd place: Gustavo

I hesitated with this one, because I really think he is the most overtly creepy to throw us all off. But, you never know with this show. Gustavo pops up at the strangest of places and seems to have a peculiar obsession with Brooke…odd.

1st Place: Kieran’s cousin, Eli

This guy sent chills through my bones. From the first moment he meets Emma to watching him convince is mother to stay and move in with Kieran, his presence is unsettling. It’s already clear how…unique this mother and son relationship is and it will be interesting to see their effect on Kieran and their role in Emma’s life (because…there’s no way they won’t be involved). Especially now that Eli convinced his mom that they need to leave Atlanta and move in with Kieran…they are definitely here to stay.

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Anyone else get Tom Riddle vibes played by Fear of the Walking Dead’s, Frank Dillane in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, as Eli and his mom plotted their move to Lakewood? Or how about Norma and Norman Bates, a quiet nod to the episode’s title?

The end of the episode found Brooke boyfriend-less on the steps to his house, while Audrey had a date with his corpse in a storage unit. Scream did not hold back as they panned Jake’s body to find his guts spilling onto his lap and his shirt plastered with a small message for Audrey. Noah has always been there for Audrey, but will he be able to look past her involvement in why the Lakewood 6 became the Lakewood 6?

So the new killer is on the loose and their identity will surely be the big reveal in the season finale. However, maybe the question this season isn’t who is the new killer?

Maybe it’s who is their new victim?


3.5 out of 5