Scream: Ghosts Review

Still reeling from last week’s blood gushing death, Scream took a break from gore and dug into the past. Here’s our review...

While we nearly saw Will being sliced in half and watched his blood splatter Emma like water after a kid jumped in a pool, seeing him as a ghost wasn’t any easier to swallow. There’s something about seeing a torn up body, loosely attached but peeling away at the head that just doesn’t sit right with me. Emma spent last night’s episode torturously rattled, battling insomnia, and seeing things that weren’t there. 

For most of the latest episode of Scream, it was this explicit, horrifying reincarnation of Will giving her missing pieces to who the killer may be. However, in Emma’s final hallucination, Will is nowhere to be seen, but instead Emma’s dad is guiding her to more answers. After realizing how not ok Emma was, she was admitted into the hospital where her dad comes to visit her. Now that I think about it though, was this part of her imagination or was this part real? I have a feeling that was the exact intention this show was trying to give off tonight. None of this is real…how can it be? 

Anyways, she kicks her dad out but soon has a hallucination of him pointing her in the right direction to understand something she had seen when she was a child: her dad and mom fighting about a child which she assumed to be her. When Audrey sends Emma the footage from their adventures in the abandoned building, she recalls the ultrasound images that were hanging on the walls. When she approached her mom about the ultrasound, we finally got more insight into her connection with Brandon James. 

Baby bomb!

This was indeed an unconventional baby bomb for a teen drama in which we find out that Maggie and Brandon James had a baby together! Was I the only one thinking that Emma was the baby in the sonogram and Brandon James was actually her father? Well, now knowing about his surprise offspring, it’s safe to add him on the potential suspect list. Even if Seth Branson got so incredibly busted in last night’s final scene.

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Audrey and Noah spent the episode trying to find out as much information that they could about Mr. Branson and whether or not he was the killer. When they found a bloody knife in the air conditioner in his classroom, they called Officer Clark immediately. With Noah’s extensive knowledge of horror plots, I didn’t think he would so easily fall for finding a murder weapon hiding in a rather convenient spot. Well, it was enough to convince the sheriff who called his units to find him. 

The Perfect Set Up

After Brooke’s rough day visiting her dad in the jail, she decided it would be a great idea to have sex with Mr. Branson in the school’s theater. Will Brooke ever learn? When they hear something though, Seth of course leaves Brooke on her own in nothing but her underwear and that’s when things start to get…weirder.

The curtains open, the lights shut off, the spotlight is on her, and there is a figure standing in the aisle way. “Seth?” No, Brooke. That’s not, Seth! The killer then lunges at her, slicing her arm and then running into Seth moments after she got away from him. A prime moment to catch him, holding a half-naked girl with a bleeding arm. Cue the storming police!

The killer’s sole mission is to slaughter his victims as an act of revenge, but also to make other people look guilty for his crimes. Mr. Branson’s take down was clearly a set up. But, was what happened with the mayor trying to cover up the death of his wife’s drug addict “friend” part of his whole plan, or was it completely unrelated? I think ruling out any sort of potential connections between certain characters is no longer an option. 

A little insight…

This week at the Teen Choice Awards, IMDB was able to interview a few of the Scream cast members including Amadeus Serafini (Kieran) who shared a rather surprising pairing that I never would see coming. He told us that not only is Nina (Bella Thorne) coming back to the show, but that he has a scene with her. Obviously, we are talking about a flashback scene here and if they are in it together…does that mean they knew each other way back when?

After Will’s death last week, it feels like the show is definitely going for the “no one is safe” motto. Even if you are a main character, this idea is growing more and more popular on TV dramas. Whether I like it or not isn’t really important, whether or not it means I should stop getting so attached to specific characters… maybe, yes.

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3.5 out of 5