Scream: Betrayed Review

We’re beginning to question certain characters and their motives. Here’s our review on last night’s Scream...

The new detective in town, Detective Brock, finally accused the person who would seemingly have the most motive to kill Nina— Audrey. 

If you’re like me, it’s an instant “that’s too obvious” when it comes to Audrey. Nina tried to destroy Audrey’s personal and social life and she was at wits end right before Nina was murdered, so of course they pegged her for a possible suspect. Detective Brock was relentless with her accusations, breaking rules just to knock the truth out of Audrey. Finally, Detective Clarke put his foot down and tried to give Audrey the benefit of the doubt.

The writers really tried to sell Audrey as a potential suspect here, having her make a speedy phone call to Emma when the detectives leave the room to destroy specific evidence that makes her look like Nina’s murderer.  Noah and Emma both willingly do it, but question their own actions when they see Audrey’s rage and want for revenge on the video.

Yes, sure, that did look bad. However, that isn’t even what made me curious about the idea of Audrey being the new Brandon James. It was Emma’s comment to Noah that since Audrey had been taken in to the precinct, she hadn’t received any phone calls from the murderer. 

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So, not only are the creators of the show trying to make it look like Audrey, but also maybe so is the killer. 

Well, Audrey is released in the end when Emma lies for her, saying she talked Audrey out of doing anything to Nina. Emma herself began to doubt Audrey’s innocence until her mom revealed a huge part of her past that convinced Emma to vouch for the people she knows in her heart could never be guilty of such horrible crimes. 

This was my favorite moment in the episode last night. Emma’s mom takes her to her old home and shows her her neighbor’s house— Brandon James’ home.

She explained how close they were; how they really understood each other’s loneliness and became good friends because of it. However, then the speculation and horror began and Brandon was the prime suspect. She never truly did believe that Brandon could be capable of such things. In several episodes we have seen the image of Emma’s mom, “Daisy” when she was young, waiting at the end of the dock for Brandon. We have been made to think it was because she was setting him up for the police to catch him. However, now we know that her father actually called the police and shot him when they saw him with her. 

So, Brandon James may have not been the murderer I think he his. Here I am, guessing and guessing at who this Brandon James impersonator is, when the real Brandon James may not be who I think he is at all. 

Not only did this moment in the show throw me for a loop, but of course, the ending scene left us in shock and reeling when Will was stabbed and dragged away by the killer. 

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These last few moments of last night’s episode were littered with classic horror movie shots, the killer all of the sudden coming into focus in the background, quick movements and sounds, locked doors and tight spaces. One of the best shots of the night was the when the killer stood nearly camouflaged in the dark until his mask caught the moonlight and we were soon made aware of the fact that not only was he in the room with Will and Piper, but that he was right behind them.


While I thought for a moment that maybe Piper would be the one stabbed, it was Will, even after he finally came clean to Brooke’s dad about his involvement in his blackmail. He not only told him everything, but also gave him all of the money back as well as the video of him dragging an unknown human body. Will was creating a clean slate for himself, so was he one of the reasons for tonight’s episode being titled, “Betrayed”? And if so, who betrayed him? Piper? Jake? 

Brooke’s dad gives him a now what seems suspicious warning as he turned back slightly to Will, telling him to “remember, there’s a killer on the loose.” This image was almost as fantastic as the lurking masked killer. Still, even with this foreshadowing, seeing Will stabbed and hauled off by the murderer was an unexpected twist of the night. Not to mention, it was the first time we have seen someone stabbed without confirmation on whether or not they are dead.

It looks like Emma, once again, will be a part of the killer’s new game next week when she has to figure out how to save Will. I am hoping both Audrey and Noah will be among her comrades in this next mission. After all Audrey’s name was cleared…for now. 

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3.5 out of 5