Scandal: Wild Card Review

The warped father-son relationship between Jake and Papa Pope finally strikes a nerve in Olivia. Here’s our review...

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 5 Episode 12

It’s been strange watching this dazed and confused Olivia completely ignore this newfound relationship between Jake and Rowan. I mean, Rowan calls Jake his “son” without skipping a beat. That’s not a normal thing to just come out and say. After Jake’s recent mischievous take down of the NSA director in order to take her place, did Olivia really think her dad had nothing to do with this? Did she actually believe her father had “retired” from command and decided to settle in for a simpler life?

Give me a break.

Since Olivia left Fitz and had her secret abortion, she has been moving through her life in a sort of fog. Leave it to Huck to wake her up and not only make her see what is going on beneath her nose, but to remind her she has the strength and power to do something about it. So thankfully at the end of the episode, Olivia is calling on her team to start spying on Jake and find out what it is him and Rowan are truly planning.

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Go, Huck!

A major theme throughout tonight’s episode was about being used, used, used! From Susan Ross to Lillian Forrester to a random guy used as a weapon, it is hard to say which was worse.

Lillian Forrester

We quickly find out what a “wild card” is at the start of the episode and that Lillian is Fitz’s wild card. Essentially…she’s the mistress. Abby completely got under the president’s skin, calling him out for not doing his job. Eventually he got it together, but the amount of yelling and tension between Fitz and Abby was oh so reminiscent of when him and Liv used to fight…I could almost see something there.

Yes, I said it. Is there something there, or is Cyrus right? Is she just the new “wife” Fitz needs to bounce all his ideas off and keep him in line?

Susan Ross

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This definitely broke my heart the most. David Rosen unabashedly claimed how bad he felt having to sleep with this woman who is in love with him while he is sleeping with Elizabeth. Maybe there was a little remorse, but not nearly enough to make anyone content. Boo hoo, David. No pity over here. Elizabeth seemed thrilled with the plan until a brief look of upset and panic spread across her face when she realized Susan may actually be a threat to her and David’s real relationship. But, I think when Susan actually figures out what is going on here, she will be more than just a threat…

She will be an imminent rude awakening.

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Random Civilian hired by Cyrus

Technically, he was hired by Fitz’ ex-Secret Service agent and B613 member Tom Larsen, but there were a lot of people involved in this situation. Including B613’s Charlie, who just can’t turn down a job for Cyrus.

This was definitely the most exciting storyline of the night. The man was threatened and hired to attempt to kill Francisco Vargas, Cyrus’ new obsession and desire to become the next president. However, he couldn’t fulfill his duty and instead, Tom shoots Francisco while keeping himself hidden so the cameras made it look like it came from the other man’s gun.

Francisco is made to look like a hero (exactly what Cyrus wanted) when he tackled the “gunman” and came out of the building with a gun wound, but still standing tall.

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Of course I should have known once Cyrus set his sights on Francisco that he would never play clean. He knew this man’s name needed to be out there in the world if he wanted a chance at the presidency and in Cyrus’ twisted mind…this elaborate plan was the way to do it.


The final scene of the night is Fitz shaking hands with Francisco in the White House as the press snapped pictures of the two of them happy and friendly. But when Cyrus goes to meet him, the sly look on his face is cunning and unsettling.

Cyrus is back to his old ways I suppose. But, from the little we have seen of Francisco…he is unlikely to fall for his games for long.

We will have to wait two weeks for these ongoing sagas. It looks like Shonda Rhimes will be granting us some much needed gladiator time as they dig deeper into Jake’s hateful motives. Until next time! 


3 out of 5