Scandal: The Testimony of Diego Muñoz Review

While Olivia tried to stay focused and present in last night's Scandal, the episode was all about coping with your past. Here's our review.

While this episode of Scandal was nowhere near as emotionally charged as last week’s, Olivia was still plagued with the memories of being abducted. She carried a gun with her around her apartment and any moment she was on her own, another memory would nearly paralyze her. Olivia spent a good part of the episode helping Rose find out what happened to Lois, Olivia’s neighbor who was killed when she was first captured. But, not even working with her gladiators again was distracting her from her own mind.

I like how Olivia didn’t just immediately bounce back after her captivity. Sometimes when something traumatic like that happens in an episode, it’s pretty much forgotten by the next one. Similar to when Mellie and Fitz’s son was murdered, seeing Mellie cope with that for a majority of the episodes at the start of the season, made the storyline hold more weight. It’s important for an audience to see that or else we just keep thinking, “What happened to that one person?” or “They just completely dropped that storyline.” Sure, as viewers we can forget about it too, but Rhimes makes us hold on to these emotional rides the characters go through so we can feel the trauma and terror of it all as well.

Huck also battled with his past tonight, when his wife returns to the picture and brings forth B613 files Huck had given her to David Rosen. David doesn’t realize at first that this woman’s husband, Diego Muñoz, is actually Huck. They and Jake agree that Huck will testify, but lie and say his PTSD caused him to make up all these stories about B613. But, David was a little too good at his job and while making his wife out to sound like a lunatic talking about B613, Huck goes all “Hucky” again and describes his time in “the hole” with haunting and meticulous detail. 

David of course is horrified at first, realizing the three of them and Liv’s lives are at stake. However, despite Jake’s protestations, he instead sees it as an opportunity to start the take down of B613.

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Will Papa Pope be gracing us with his presence once again?

I was grateful to get to see normal, family man Huck for a few moments in the episode. He finally gets to have dinner with his son and watching him help his wife clear the table afterwards was oddly moving. This brainwashed, trained assassin who has been emotionally disturbed and distressed for the rest of his life… is cleaning the dinner table. A juxtaposition I really appreciated. I need to see that side of Huck every once in a while after so many episodes of terrifying, possessed Huck.

Funny moments of the night go to our new vice president, Susan Ross. She may have started of rocky with a rather awkward snort and laugh, but won us over in the end, no thanks to Leo. While Leo thought pressuring and badgering her would do the trick, it was Olivia who saved the day and got the real Susan to shine. She may be one to easily underestimate, but I think she may just give Mellie a run for her money when she runs for president.

Classic Scandal Moments…

Liv and Fitz. Seeing both of them share a moment of bickering and longing in the Oval office was, I have to admit, something I have missed. While it was a little awkward for Cyrus and Abby in the room too, I didn’t mind seeing the two together again.

Popcorn and Wine. After finally tracking down Lois’ body and bringing it back to Rose, Olivia finally starts to move on from her sadness. While she hasn’t completely recovered yet, I think an Olivia sized pour like that means she’s getting back on track.

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Liv and her client. Olivia spends most of the episode building a friendship with Rose. She becomes very determined when Rose opens up to Liv, telling her Lois was more than just a friend. Olivia is successful in getting her closure and an emotional scene ensues with Rose declaring to Lois, her coffin before them, that she left her alone too soon. This was the moment, it seemed, that a little light turned on in Olivia’s head and she realized she needed to accept her past and start to move on. 

Next week, Girl‘s lead actress and creator, Lena Dunham will be featured in an episode. While she may conjure a few laughs, reminiscent of her character in a parody she did for SNL, it looks like Olivia and her may not be on the same page and I’m looking forward to it!

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3 out of 5