Scandal: Pencil’s Down Review

Election night is moments away at the close of last night’s episode…and there is no clear winner in sight. Here’s our review.

This Scandal review contains spoilers.

Scandal: Season 5, Episode 15

Of course, Hollis Doyle is the token “joke” of this election, but the rest of the candidates are fighting to stand out and win us over.

So, who would you vote for? Here are the candidates:

Mellie Grant:

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Shonda Rhimes is playing up the idea of the female candidates with both Mellie and Susan running for the Republican nomination. While it is clear Liv believes in her, I am not not quite convinced she would make a strong president. Olivia spent most of her time trying to establish her as a more appealing choice by making her more relatable and less intimidating. Olivia had numerous moments in the episode where her persuasive guns were a blazin’ and she was getting her way, no matter what.

Nobody puts Olivia in a corner.

Governor Frankie Vargas:

When it seemed that Cy would be heading Vargas’ campaign, in came the attractive and suave Alex Vargas (Danny Pino), Governor Vargas’ brother who we realize plays a little dirty when it comes to getting votes. I have to admit though, watching him steal Cy’s thunder was spectacular as the Vargas volunteer’s ate everything Alex had to say up and were inspired by his words.  Hell, I would be too! We didn’t get to learn really anything new with Vargas as far as his political positions go. But, if this means more Cyrus and Alex power struggles, then I’m all for it. While I am usually worried about characters that get on Cyrus’ bad side, Alex doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to be intimidated.

Senator Edison Davis:

Yes, Edison was back on Scandal last night and apparently about to announce that he was running for president. When Alex offered dirt on Susan Ross in exchange for dirt on Edison, Olivia refused him and went to Papa Pope for advice thinking he would persuade her to do the wrong thing; to give that information to Alex. However…Papa Pope told Olivia told her not to do that to Edison.

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What? Did Eli Pope just give his daughter good, sound, heartfelt advice?

Yes, he did…but, there was more to it than I thought.

During most of this episode Quinn is spying on Jake and getting close with his fiancé to find out what he and Papa Pope are trying to plan. When Quinn discovers that Jake is using Vanessa’s money to fund a Super PAC for Edison, Olivia changes her tune. This then leads to a steamy meeting in the bathroom between Jake and Olivia where she tells him as she attempts to seduce him, that she knows about the Super PAC and then leaves him dry.

Yes, Olivia!

There was no moment in this episode where Olivia was appearing wounded or oblivious. She was back on her A-game tonight and I was loving it!

Susan Ross:

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Susan also had a killer night as far as bad ass moves go, even though hers weren’t as shocking and twisted as Olivia’s. When Abby spilled the beans about David being with two women, Susan was quick to realize that David has been lying and cheating on her this whole time. Fitz is even the one to convince her of this after David lied to her face about it. Sure, maybe David was in love with Susan.

But, it was too late.

Susan left David sulking and without a second chance. Even though she was hurt…she was done with him and thank goodness because David was defining a whole new breed of asshole with his deceptive love affairs.

Back to the dirt…

So what is it that Alex Vargas has on Susan Ross? We know it’s good and we know it was something enough to leave the stunned look on Liv’s face when she finally exchanged the Edison info with Alex. But, could it destroy her campaign?

Next week we finally get to see this debate that they revved up for most of last night’s episode. How much bait will Sally Langston set up for these candidates to take and just how many of them will take it?

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Until next week!

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3 out of 5